Blog Update February 2021

This is Financial Expert‘s blog update series, where I bring you up to speed on everything happening on or around the investing blog. Whether it’s brand new content, zany ideas or projects in the pipeline, you’ll hear about it here first.

In this month’s round-up:

  • The book empire expands
  • We hit 1,000 trees planted!
  • Expert authors contribute their views to the Financial Expert community
  • More personal finance content

The book empire expands

This was a particularly productive month for my book reviews.

I’ve taken a swipe at massive topics such as management books, and consulting books.

I explored some really niche topics with our quantamental investing books, the best art investment books and the best investing psychology books.

In total the list of finance book genres covered on financial expert has risen to 55 – a fantastic figure which is far higher than I originally planned.

1,000th tree planted with Ecologi

With the help of Ecologi, February was the month where we crossed over the 1,000 mark in the total count of trees funded (see our Ecologi review for more about this organisation). Trees are funded through money from the display advertising on this website. You can grab a referral code through my link and get 30 bonus trees if you sign-up to Ecologi and become carbon negative today!

Expert authors contribute their views

This month saw interviews with 8 reknowned authors:

A big thanks to all the authors who contributed their answers to February’s finance book author interview series. I really enjoyed reading all their responses and I’m delighted to share their views and experiences with my readers.

More personal finance content

I’ve decided to widen the content style from a simple and straight forward theory & beginners guide format, to also include more topical, magazine-style articles.

Examples include:

These are attention grabbing articles which provide a thoroughly researched answer to intriguing questions.

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