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We give an overview of the best forex brokers available to retail investors in the UK. Beginning with our favourite, we’ll add more brokers to this page until it represents a comprehensive marketplace review.

Risk warning: Forex trading can be a high risk investment activity

As we explain in our beginners guide to forex trading, forex trading can be a high risk investing activity, which may only be suitable for sophisticated investors.

Currencies tend to move in only small increments on a daily basis. Forex brokers often provide CFDs, margin trading or trading on leverage to allow traders to amplify returns from their currency exposure.

This increases the volatility of the investment, relative to the traders capital, and could increase the risk of a total loss of capital (or in some cases, a loss greater than initial capital).

Many CFD providers report that up to 90% of accounts lose money when trading CFDs with a provider. I will earn a commission for users who sign up using the referral links below.

The best forex broker



Popular trading tool, tiny spreads.

A great choice for efficient forex trading

Trading forex can be a high risk investment

NSBroker is a forex broker offering an array of investment opportunities to forex traders. NSBroker offers Contracts for Difference (CFDs) on stock indexes and commodity markets, plus a forex trading offering.  

Trading platform: NSBroker allows clients to trade using the MT4 trading platform to all clients, regardless of size. These are ubiquitous and popular platforms used by forex day traders and professionals. 

Fees: Trading commissions and spreads vary by market. Commission on FX trades are $8 per lot (100,000 units of currency), therefore a $1,000 trade attracts only $0.08 commission! Zero withdrawal or funding fees apply when using bank transfers.

Best for: Retail traders looking for FX positions of 1,000 currency units or greater.  

Minimum initial deposit: £500 / $500

Regulation: NSBroker is the trading name of NSFX Ltd, a forex broker registered and authorised by the Malta Financial Services Authority. You can read NSFX's Ltd authorisation here. As of the date of writing, the firm was authorised for 'any investment service' provide financial services 


Low trading fees

Account charges



Visit & get offer

Trading forex can carry a high risk of loss

Find out more about trading forex

If you’re interested in learning more about trading forex, either through day trading or swing trading, consider the following sources:

The best forex trading books – in this article we pick our 5 favourite forex books written with beginners in mind. Successfully trading forex is difficult, like with any financial market, therefore it pays to educate yourself and learn from the mistakes of others before you begin.

How to trade forex for beginners – this is our flagship forex article which seeks to explain how the forex market works, and how traders leverage price movements to seek a positive return.

Thanks for visiting our guide to the best forex brokers for UK retail investors. Please let us know if you have any broker suggestions in the comment section below.

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