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I'm Simon, a personal finance expert. I founded Financial Expert to help you gain the knowledge and confidence you need to become a successful investor.

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Foundation level

Learn the investing principles which underpin a basic investment portfolio.


An introduction to the stock market

Discover your risk profile & time horizon

Designing a basic portfolio from scratch

Choosing a stockbroker

How to avoid investment scams

Intermediate level

Targeting average returns of 6% per year.

Tweak your holdings, look internationally and generate higher returns by using these techniques to minimise fees and taxes.


A insider guide to property investing

How to invest in IPOs

How to cut costs to boost returns

Optimising your portfolio for tax

Exploring emerging markets

Advanced level

Targeting average returns of 8% per year.

Explore the higher risk opportunities which may enhance returns.


Advanced asset allocation theories

The complex world of derivatives

Seeking arbitrage opportunities

The place for commodities in a portfolio

Using financial gearing to boost returns

How does it work?


1. Pick the course that's right for you

2. Immediately enjoy your first article

3. Take quick quizzes as you go

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5. Progress at your own pace

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What you'll get from our content

1. The tools to help you return 6% on your investments

You will benefit from our articles if you currently earn less than 6% (average) per year from your savings. 

Isn't it about time that your money finally worked hard for you? Learning how to create a basic investment portfolio could supercharge your progress towards savings goals.

A Personal Finance Expert could double your returns

2. An approach that values the psychology of investing

Any investing involves a degree of risk. This can make navigating the stock market as a beginner quite a stressful experience if done without proper research and guidance.

Financial Expert content is designed with this concern front and centre. Use these resources to understand your risk appetite so that you never invest beyond your tolerance.

3. Investing kept simple

We all want an easy life. That's why the Foundation and Intermediate content promotes simple investing principles.

The content on Financial Expert combines both practical advice and theory. You'll always understand both the what and the why as you execute your strategy. Personal finance doesn't have to be complicated.

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Why You'll Love Personal Financial Expert


No paid placements
Unlike other financial websites, Financial Expert does not publish 'sponsored posts', 'advertorial features' or similar content. If the article is hosted on this website, it was written by me, a personal finance expert.

I live by my principles
Articles will include as much reference as possible to our own personal experiences of investing over the years, and even my real portfolio. Learn from my early mistakes rather than your own!


I like to listen, too
Financial Expert steers clear of subjects which lean heavily on speculation e.g. 'will the price of Company A go up?'. However there's still plenty of room for a multitude of views on the topics covered, and I encourage dialogue in the comments section of each article.

Investing is my passion
Investing is more than just an exercise of adminstration; it's a passion. Aged 17, I would read the Financial Times in my school library for fun! The articles on this website hopefully convey that same level of enthusiasm and will hopefully convert you too!

'I could invest confidently if only I '