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Investing is a game of decisions, where each choice has an incredible impact upon your future wealth and prosperity. With so much at stake, it pays to have a comprehensive investing knowledge to allow you to make decisions confidently.


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Financial Expert will help you discover how to take control of your finances and how to build an investment portfolio. We cover the foundations of investing principles, as well as the advanced techniques that professionals use to maximise their returns over the long term.

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Financial Markets

Routing money across the globe 24/7, modern financial markets are vast and their complexity can be bewildering. As a result, only a small fraction of the population actually take advantage of the potential returns on offer.

The Stock Market is Worth:
(90 Trillion US Dollars)
Data suggests only
of Brits invest in shares
On average
is invested

Sources: World Bank July 2019 data, cofunds.aegon.co.uk, assets.publishing.service.gov.uk

However: £300,000 is needed for a decent lifestyle in retirement

Source: World Bank July 2019

Our Learning Experiences


Foundation level

Learn the building blocks that make a solid portfolio, and the investment principles which should guide it.


Introduction to the stock market

Determining your risk profile and time horizon

How to design a basic porfolio from scratch

Choosing a stockbroker / fund manager

Intermediate Level

Tweak and optimise your holdings, review international investment options and generate higher returns by using our techniques to minimise fees and taxes.


Cutting costs to boost returns

What are IPOs and are they attractive?

Intermediate asset allocation strategies

Optimising your portfolio to reduce tax

Exploring emerging markets


Advanced Level

Discover the higher risk opportunities which may enhance returns.


Advanced asset allocation theory

Seeking abritrage opportunities

Do commodities have a place in a portfolio?

The complex world of derivatives

Using financial gearing to boost returns

'I would invest confidently if only I "

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Whilst we try to avoid subjects that lean heavily on speculation (will the price of Company A go up?), we appreciate that there is room for a multitude of views on the investing topics we cover, and encourage a dialogue in the comments section!

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Investing is more than just an exercise of adminstration; it's a passion. The articles in this website hopefully convey that level of enthusiasm and will hopefully convert you too!