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Top 5 UK Stockbrokers: at a glance

Trade shares with zero commission. Open an account with £200. High performance and useful friendly trading app.

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Capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit 

Large UK trading platform with a flat account fee and a free trade every month. Cheapest for investors with big pots.

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Capital is at risk

Choose a pre-made portfolio in minutes with Nutmeg. Choose your level of risk and let Nutmeg efficiently handle the rest.

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Capital is at risk

Buy and sell funds at nil cost with Fidelity International, plus simple £10 trading fees for stocks & shares and ETFs.

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Capital is at risk

Youinvest stocks & shares ISA offers lower prices the more you trade! Which? 'Recommended Provider' for last 3 years.

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Capital is at risk

The Expert Criteria

We only feature quality brokers in our top picks, using the Expert™ criteria:

Regulated in the UK or EU

Trading for 5+ years

Competitive fees

Investing has historically led to higher returns over the long run. However, your capital is at risk. 

Our investor legacy

We estimate that investors who signed up to our top picks have collectively saved an estimated £35,000 in unnecessary fees & charges to date*. 

Remember, you need to sign-up through our on-page referral links to be sure you're getting the best rates available.

The ultimate guide to the best UK stockbrokers

How we picked the best UK stockbrokers

Our methodology for naming the top 5 UK stockbrokers

We analysed the platform fees, trading fees and regular investing costs to calculate the total cost of using each stockbroker. Our calculations assumed a portfolio size of £10,000 with 24 individual share trades and 12 fund deals per year.

The cheapest UK stockbrokers

We'll help you find the cheapest stockbroker for online share dealing, ETFs, funds and more

Top stockbroker pick for 2021

Trading fee (Shares)


Trading fee (ETFs)

ETFs not available

Account fee

No annual fee

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Capital at risk

eToro review

The broker that we personally use to buy stocks & shares. Why?

  • Zero commission on all share dealing
  • Zero platform fees / periodic account charges
  • Trade via a simple web or mobile app

An eToro account is ideal for any investor who wants to build an investment portfolio without seeing it eroded by the account charges levied by traditional stockbrokers. 

eToro is an international stockbroker registered in the UK which has over 20 million clients. On 16 March 2021, eToro's parent company announced a deal which will see it float on the US stock market in late 2021. 

You can open an investment account with just £38 ($50), and you could be making your first free trade within a few hours.

Why not try the platform today and put it to the test?

eToro is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in stocks and crypto assets, as well as trading CFD assets. Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 67% of retail investors accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money. Your capital is at risk. Other fees apply. For more information, visit

Trading fee (Funds or shares)

£3.99 - £7.99, plus one free trade p/m

Regular investing trading fee


Account fee

£9.99 per month

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Capital at risk

Interactive investor is one of the largest stockbrokers in the United Kingdom, founded in 1995. It stands out with a simple, flat-fee for its platform. This can unlock serious savings for investors when compare against platforms which charge a fee based on portfolio value. It has efficient regular investment options, allowing saver to drip feed money into investments commission-free. Interactive investor has £30 billion of assets under administration, over 300,000 customers and more than one million users. The group is based in Manchester, with offices in London and Leeds.

Trading fee


Regular investment trading fee


Account fee

0.2% - 0.35% for £7,000+

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Capital at risk

Fidelity is a popular fund supermarket & self-select stocks & shares ISA platform. It was named as the 2021 Best for Beginners ISA by Boring Money. The Fidelity Stocks & Shares ISA is a flexible way to start investing, with regular saving plans from just £25, or with a £1,000 lump sum. Our typical service fee is a low-cost 0.35%. Ongoing fund charges also apply. Capital at risk. ISA rules apply.

Online trading fee (Shares)

£4.95 - £9.95

Online trading fee (Funds)


Account fee

0.25% max £3.50 p/m

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Capital at risk

Youinvest is the quality investment platform from UK investment powerhouse AJ Bell. Their self select stocks & shares ISA offers a simple and transparent fee structure, with lower prices the more you trade! AJ Bell is a Which? Recommended Provider for investment platforms for the last three years, and has over £65 billion in assets under administration. AJ Bell Youinvest also offer a standard share dealing account and a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

Trading fee (Shares)


Trading fee (ETFs)

£0 - restricted selection

Account fee

No annual fee

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Capital at risk

Trading212 is the home-grown UK investing app which was the first to offer zero commission stock trading service in the UK and Europe, unlocking the stock market for millions of people. Trading 212 is a London based fintech company that democratises the financial markets with free, smart and easy to use apps, enabling anyone to trade equities, Forex, commodities and more. The Trading212 mobile app has been downloaded more than 14m times, making it one of the most popular trading apps in the world.

Trading212 is a multi-asset platform which offers both investing in underlying stocks and trading CFD assets. Please note that CFDs are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 76% of retail investors accounts lose money when trading CFDs with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Trading fee (Shares)


Trading fee (ETFs)

£0 - restricted selection

Account fee

No annual fee

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Capital at risk

Freetrade is the UK stockbroker app that made buying shares for zero commission feel like the norm. Freetrade is a simple app for buying and selling shares. Create your own portfolio by acquiring fractional or full shares at the tap of a button. With over 500,000 registered users, Freetrade is inspiring many new investors to join the stock market for the first time.

The cheapest automated portfolio investment services

Set and forget. Automate your investing journey with these smart money managers which invest your cash for you.

Fully managed portfolio

Ethical investment option

Management fee

0.45% - 0.75%

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Capital at risk

Nutmeg offers access to hands free, socially responsible investment portfolios on its simple online platform. Choose between the ready-made portfolios such as 'Smart Alpha' and 'Fully Managed', and benefit from the instant diversification offered by a managed investment service. Best for investment beginners or those who don't have the time or energy to pick stocks & shares themselves. 

Fully managed portfolio

Ethical investment option

Management fee


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Capital at risk

Wealthify is a leading robo-adviser in the UK right now. Wealthify offers UK investors five core portfolios, ranging from 'cautious' to 'adventurous'. These portfolios contain different levels of risk and reward to suit a broad range of investors.

Sign-up offer: Join as a new user through our link and receive a £25 welcome bonus. Terms apply.

Fully managed portfolio

Ethical investment option

Management fee

0.35% - 0.75%

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Capital at risk

When you sign-up to Moneyfarm, your investor profile is matched to one of seven globally diversified good-to-go portfolios. Each portfolio contains a broad handpicked mix of cost-efficient ETFs, all chosen to meet their high standards of quality and reliability.

You’ll see a recommended portfolio perfectly matched to you along with two more options, so you can decide if you want a little more or less exposure to volatility – and optimise your potential for growth. Now, your portfolio’s ready to perform and you’re ready to invest.

The largest UK stockbrokers

If you're looking to trust your money with the institutions trusted by the most UK investors, this ranking is for you. 

Online trading fee (Shares)

£5.95 - £11.95

Online trading fee (Funds)


Account fee

0.45% max (less for £250k+)

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Capital at risk

Hargreaves Lansdown is the largest UK stockbroker. Boasting £120bn in assets under administration and almost 1.5m active clients, Hargreaves Lansdown has greater scale than most. However, for investment pots under £250k and less than 10 trades per month, HL's fees are notably higher than some UK rivals. This is why it has not made our top 5 ranking in 2021.

Online trading fee (Shares)

£4.95 - £9.95

Online trading fee (Funds)


Account fee

0.25% max £3.50 p/m

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Capital at risk

Youinvest is the quality investment platform from UK investment powerhouse AJ Bell. Their self select stocks & shares ISA offers a simple and transparent fee structure, with lower prices the more you trade! AJ Bell is a Which? Recommended Provider for investment platforms for the last three years, and has over £65 billion in assets under administration. AJ Bell Youinvest also offer a standard share dealing account and a Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP).

Trading fee (Funds or shares)

£3.99 - £7.99, plus one free trade p/m

Regular investing trading fee


Account fee

£9.99 per month

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Capital at risk

Interactive investor is one of the largest stockbrokers in the United Kingdom, founded in 1995. It stands out with a simple, flat-fee for its platform. This can unlock serious savings for investors when compare against platforms which charge a fee based on portfolio value. It has efficient regular investment options, allowing saver to drip feed money into investments commission-free. Interactive investor has £30 billion of assets under administration, over 300,000 customers and more than one million users. The group is based in Manchester, with offices in London and Leeds.

How to choose the right stockbroker for you

Tips on how to compare the varied offerings of online investment platforms

Factors to consider when picking a stockbroker

With so many fees and charges to compare, it is all too easy to forget that other factors matter when you compare stockbrokers.

The stockbroker you choose will be the steward over a significant portion of your wealth over the coming years. In this regard, the following factors are worth considering:

  • Their size and stability as an organisation
  • Longevity - how long have they been trading?
  • Reputation - what is their Trust Pilot score?
  • Customer service - are they known for treating their clients fairly?

You will want also want to check that the stockbroker you are picking is a regulated business. Read more: How to spot investment scams. 

When things go wrong in a stockbroker account, they can often go very wrong. I have personal experience of this. It’s in moments like these that customer service becomes far more valuable than a 0.1% annual fee saving.

Earlier this year, an administrative error in the back office led to my stockbroker inadvertently selling my entire investment portfolio.

When I rang them to explain what appeared to have happened, they quickly investigated the matter.

I was given a solemn promise: ‘If the market rises whilst you are out of it, we will add funds to your account to put you back in the exact position you should rightly be in’.

This assurance immediately put me at ease and I could relax over the remaining days whilst the trades were corrected. I ultimately ended up gaining as a result of the error, as the market fell whilst I was out of the market. 

Gain a tax advantage by choosing the right stockbroker account

Would you rather pay tax on investment income or rather not?

This isn’t a trick question. Most large UK stockbrokers offer these two options to their customers.

  • A tax-free account called a ‘Stocks and Shares ISA’.
  • A taxable account called ‘Investment account’ or ‘Share dealing service’.

Both types offer similar functionality. Technically, non-ISA accounts can hold a slightly wider range of investments, but the average investor would not notice this restriction. To the vast majority of investors, the only practical difference is that no tax will be paid on any gains or income made within an ISA. You don’t even need to declare these items on your tax return.

ISAs restrict how much can be deposited into the account per tax year (6 April – 5 April). Currently, the limit is £20,000 per year. However, if you are transferring in money from a different ISA account then the transfer ignores this limit.

The choice to set up a Stocks and Shares ISA should be a no-brainer for anyone with less than £20,000 to invest.

Anyone with over £20,000 at their disposal should put the maximum £20,000 in the ISA, and the rest in a non-ISA until future tax years when more money can be moved across into the ISA.

Don't assume that all stockbroker interfaces are the same

The best UK stockbrokers offer clean and simple user interfaces which make share dealing simple. Why should buying shares be more difficult than filling an online shopping cart with groceries?

Stockbroker interfaces

The top stockbrokers in the UK provide quick access to historical data and charts to help you make investment decisions with ease.

However, not all UK stockbrokers reach this standard. Some haven't updated their interfaces in 10+ years. These interfaces involve an unnecessary amount of steps and information to place a trade. It's difficult to make a quick comparison because of the number of steps involved in signing up before you can even examine a platform in great detail. 

A share dealing service such as eToro on the other hand lets you buy fractional or full shares in one click. Find a company, type in how much you want to invest, and click buy. eToro does all the rest of the work for you,.

Trading software

Some brokers like to cater their services towards experienced investors and active day trader who want to see tonnes of detail onscreen at any one time. 

They often provide desktop software which is the app actually used to place trades, rather than through the brokers' website. These pieces of trading software are fast and effective in the right hands, but they have a steep learning curve. This makes them not ideal for first-time investors.  

Examples of trading software are MetaTrader 4, MetaTrader 5, sometimes shortened to MT4 and MT5. 

Understanding fees & charges

An introduction to the different costs that brokers charge for their services

Forecast your trading frequency to understand the true cost of trading

The main source of income for traditional stockbrokers is trading.

Stockbrokers charge clients between £2.95 and £12.95 to execute a buy or sell order on your behalf. Fees are charged per trade so investing a pot of money into five companies will incur five fees.

Understanding how many trades you will place per month is crucial in understanding which stockbroker will save you the most money when doing a stockbroker comparison.

For the sake of diversification, you will want to invest in a minimum of 20 companies to avoid being too exposed to any individual business. You will quickly appreciate that trading fees can get quite expensive for active traders who invest in individual company shares.

When comparing stockbrokers, you will notice that some offer discounted rates to people who trade very frequently, e.g. 10+ trades per month.

Share dealing charges are often tiered. Don’t feel tempted to take up this frequency of trading. These discounts are little more than a reward for spending so much money with the broker. I could draw comparisons to the way casinos give discounts or freebies to customers who spend big at their tables.

To qualify for the £8.95 discounted rate offered by Hargreaves Landsdown, you need to spend £89.50 per month – over £1,000 in trading fees per year. If this was saved and invested instead, £1,000 per year could grow to be worth £15,000 after ten years (growing at 5% per year.)

The only effective way to guarantee you reduce the cost of investing is by trading as little as possible across the year. This is one of the reasons why we encourage investors to build their basic investment portfolio using funds. Funds allow investors to own a variety of companies via a single trade, and better still – many stockbrokers process fund transactions for free!

This is why a stockbroker comparison is only meaningful if you can forecast how much you'll be using the different services offered by a broker.

Getting to grips with platform charges, account fees and custodial fees

Beyond trading fees, stockbrokers also charge fees to your account each billing period.

These can be labelled as account fees, platform fees or custodial fees. 

It's important to factor these fees into any comparisons, as they can be significant - particularly as a percentage of small portfolios. 

These charges were introduced in the last few years. A change in UK regulations meant that stockbrokers could no longer collect commission payments from fund managers in exchange for referring investors to their funds.

Platform charges usually take two forms:

1. Fixed platform fee or a capped charge – These are suited for large portfolios, as a fixed £ cost becomes quite tiny relative to the value of assets in a large portfolio. A an annual fee capped at £100 is very affordable for a £100,000 portfolio, for example.

2. % based platform fee – These are really helpful for small investors. By charging only a percentage of your assets, such as 0.35%, the fees stay small, even for investment pots worth less than £2,000. 

Making the final cost comparison

To make a fair stockbroker comparison, calculate the ‘total annual cost’ of each provider by adding up the annual platform fee, plus the expected costs of your trades.

By using the ‘total annual cost’ benchmark, you may discover that the cheapest broker for you is neither the one with the lowest trading fees nor the provider with the lowest platform fee.

It's important to think ahead. Try calculating the platform fee using the best guess of your expected portfolio value in three years time.

It can be quite costly to switch between providers at a later date, therefore you will want to choose an investment platform that fits your long term investment goals.

It can take as little as £30,000 in an account for the fixed fee options to look more attractive. Suddenly the stockbroker comparison has flipped on its head!

A full list of UK stockbrokers

Every member broker of the London Stock Exchange

A complete list of UK stockbrokers who directly trade on the London Stock Exchange

Stockbrokers are ranked in alphabetical order. Inclusion on this list is not an endorsement by Financial Expert. List was extracted on 30 May 2021. The full list of member brokers at the London Stock Exchange may have changed since.

AJ Bell LSE member broker

A J Bell Securities Limited

Trading name: AJ Bell

Official website: AJ Bell website

Services: Stocks & Shares ISA, Trading Account.

AJ Bell reports almost 350,000 customers and £65.2 billion in assets under management. As one of the largest stockbrokers by assets under management and number of clients, AJ Bell is a leading UK stockbroker.

AJ Bell plc is a publicly traded company, listed on the London Stock Exchange with ticker symbol AJB.

Arbuthnot Latham member broker LSE

Arbuthnot Latham & Co. Limited

Trading name: Arbuthnot Latham

Official website: Arbuthnot Latham & Co website

Services: Private banking & wealth management

Since 1833, Arbuthnot has provided financial services to discerning clients. It won the CityAM Bank of the Year Award in 2019.

Arnold Stansby LSE member

Arnold Stansby & Co Limited

Trading name: Arnold Stansby & Co

Official website: Arnold Stansby & Co website

Services: Full service stockbroker, SIPPs, tax-efficient portfolios

Arnold Stansby & Co provides different options depending on the level of control a client wishes to have over their investments. They provide a discretionary service, where your investment portfolio is completely looked after by one of their expert team. They also provide a fully execution-only brokerage service where the client calls all the shots. There's also a managed advisory service which sits somewhere in between.

Barratt & Cooke stockbroker

Barratt & Cooke

Trading name: Barratt & Cooke

Official website: Barratt & Cooke website

Services: Discretionary (managed) portfolio services for private clients

Based in Norfolk and serving predominantly South-East clients, Barratt & Cooke bring a local touch to stockbroking. Their clients lean on their expertise as no execution-only service is offered - all plans come with a minimum level of advice and guidance.

Full list of UK stockbrokers

Blankstone Sington Limited

Trading name: Blankstone Sington

Official website: Blankstone sington website

Services: Bespoke portfolios and stockbroking services with advice

Blankstone are also known for their 'inheritance tax' portfolio service, an estate planning tool that can help clients avoid hefty inheritance tax bills through tax-efficient (and often high-risk) investment vehicles.

All stockbrokers registered with the LSE

Brewin Dolphin Limited

Trading name: Brewin Dolphin

Official website: Brewin Dolphin website

Services: Wealth management and direct investment services

With over 30 network offices based around the UK, you're probably never too far from your nearest Brewin Dolphin contact. Brewin Dolphin Holdings plc is the ultimate parent, and the group is listed on the London Stock Exchange.


Capital International Limited

Trading name: Capital International Group

Official website: Capital International website

Services: A platform for financial advisers and wealth managers to manage their client assets. Founded in 1996 by father and son team Peter Long & Anthony Long, it remains a family business to this day, albeit on a much larger scale.

Stockbrokers full list

Cardale Asset Management Limited

Trading name: Cardale Asset Management

Official website: Cardale Asset Management website

Services: Independent stockbroker based in Harrogate. Cardale makes the rare commitment to never outsource its back-office function, meaning that when you entrust the company to execute a transaction on your behalf, you know it's being processed entirely in-house.

Complete list of stockbrokers

Cave & Sons Limited

Trading name: Cave & Sons

Official website: Cave & Sons website

Services: Financial planning & stockbroking services

Cave & Sons are as much an independent financial advice business as they are a stockbroker. This multi-disciplinary team is based in Northampton focuses on offering a personal service to clients.

Every stockbroker

Charles Stanley & Company Limited

Trading name: Charles Stanley Direct

Official website: Charles Stanley Direct website

Services: Execution-only stockbroking & fund management

Charles Stanley was one of the early-era 'discount brokers' which brought investing into the low-cost era. Charles Stanley also offers several multi-asset funds which allow investors to build an investment portfolio with few transactions.

Credo stockbroker

Credo Capital Limited

Trading name: Credo Capital

Official website: Credo Capital website

Services: Wealth management, fund management and intermediary services

Credo engages directly with wealth management clients, as well as offering intermediary services to other financial advisers. Credo also offer several funds include the Global Equity Fund, Dynamic Fund and Growth Fund.

Dowgate stockbroker

Dowgate Capital Limited

Trading name: Dowgate Capital

Official website: Dowgate Capital website

Services: Corporate broking, advisory & wealth management

Dowgate serves private and corporate clients. Corporate broking is where a broker helps businesses access capital through the financial markets, such as through the listing of their shares on a stock exchange. Dowgate helps to foster an entrepreneurial spirit by encouraging staff to take an equity stake in the parent company 3B Capital.

EFG broking

EFG Private Bank Limited

Trading name: EFG Private Bank

Official website: EFG Private Bank website

Services: Banking and treasury, Credit, Investments, Fiduciary services & Client Custody Regulations

EFG Private Bank offers ebanking and investment services to retail investors, alongside a fully-fledged private banking suite of services. If you have not heard of EFG before, they are an international Swiss banking group that has 40 locations and is listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange.

UK stockbroker list

Equiniti Financial Services Limited

Trading name: Equiniti

Official website: Equiniti website

Services: Provision of transaction and custodial support to other financial services businesses.

Equiniti report that they hold 70 million shareholder records, send £90 billion in payments in each year, look after 1.1 million share plan investors and interact with 27 million shareholders and pensioners.

Farley & Thompson LLP

Trading name: Farley & Thompson

Official website: Farley & Thompson website

Services: Dealing & Advisory, Nominee, Discretionary Management, Stocks & Shares ISAs and more

Here's an insight into what you would receive each period as a discretionary service client:

  • A valuation of the portfolio
  • A summary of performance
  • A comparison of the return measured against the appropriate WMA index
  • A market and stock commentary
  • Transaction, cash and corporate action statements
  • Tax year end schedules

List of all stockbrokers

FinecoBank S.p.A.

Trading name: Fineco UK

Official website: FinecoBank website

Services: Retail banking, Stocks & Shares ISAs, UK investing app

Fineco is an Italian bank that has recently expanded operations in the UK. In Italy, Fineco reports having over 1.3 million clients.

It charges a low fixed commission of £2.95 for share dealing, which beats many UK stockbrokers on price.

First equity

First Equity Limited

Trading name: First Equity

Official website: First Equity website

Services: First Equity offers services to both institutional and private clients, as well as supporting public and private companies requiring corporate finance and advisory services.

Fiske plc

Fiske plc

Trading name: Fiske plc

Official website: Fiske website

Services: Discretionary: where the portfolio is managed by Fiske's team of investment managers. Managed Advisory: where investment advisors provide clients with advice in relation to their portfolios. Execution Only: where clients wish to deal but do not receive investment advice.

Fiske was founded in 1973 by Clive Fiske Harrison. It features an online portal for clients to log in and view insights about their investments without having to wait for periodic statements.

Free trade broker

Freetrade Limited

Trading name: Freetrade

Official website: Freetrade website

Services: Sharedealing services and ISA account via an modern investing app.

Freetrade, as the name suggests, is disrupting the UK stockbroking market by offering share dealing services with zero commission charged on each trade. It reports having over 500,000 customers, making it one of the top 20 UK stockbrokers by number of customers.

GHC group

GHC Capital Markets Limited

Trading name: GHC Capital Markets

Official website: GHC Capital Markets website

Services: Financial Planning for individuals & corporates

GHC group offers a comprehensive list of financial planning services, including IHT planning and trusts.

Halifax stockbroker

Halifax Share Dealing Limited

Trading name: Halifax Share Dealing

Official website: Halifax Share Dealing website

Services: Halifax is a bank offering current accounts, credit cards, mortgages alongside savings & investment products. It was originally founded in 1853, Halifax was one of the many building and friendly societies which decided to 'de-mutualise' and evolve into a bank owned by shareholders, which it did in 1997.

Their share dealing offer includes execution-only trading in shares, funds and bonds.

Share dealing services

Hargreaves Lansdown Asset Management Limited

Trading name: Hargreaves Lansdown

Official website: Hargreaves Lansdown website

Services: Retail stockbroker & fund supermarket

Hargreaves Lansdown is the UKs largest stockbroker, measured by both assets under management and number of clients. It's also a constituent of the FTSE 100 index of companies.

All share dealing platforms

Hedley & Company Stockbrokers Limited

Trading name: Hedley & Co

Official website: Hedley & Co website

Services: Stockbroking services for individuals, charities, trusts & estates, and pension schemes & corporates.

Founded in 1992, Hedley & Co are a leading Independent Stockbroker and Wealth Manager in the North West of England.

Hubwise - stockbroker

Hubwise Securities Limited

Trading name: Hubwise

Official website: Hubwise Securities website

Services: Investment platform, execution solutions & custody services.

Hubwise Securities is a regulated technology business that operates the Hubwise investment platform, a multi-wrapper, multi-currency transaction processing engine. stockbroker Limited

Trading name: iDealing UK

Official website: iDealing website

Services: Equity, derivative and CFD brokerage

iDealing provides direct access to the listed securities of several major exchanges as well as the OTC markets (RSP Gateway). iDealing also provides a range of unlisted securities, including CFDs, and spread betting. It offers these as an in-house service. This differentiates iDealing from the hundreds of 'CFD providers' which act as little more than a funnel to other intermediaries who genuinely provide the CFD functionality.

Full list of stockbrokers

Interactive Brokers (UK) Limited

Trading name: Interactive Brokers

Official website: Interactive Brokers website

Services: Margin trading, share-dealing, ETF trading and others

With 2,000 employees and touting $9 billion in equity capital, there's no question that Interactive Brokers have achieved scale in their 43 years of trading. An international group, Interactive Brokers provide simple and complex securities to retail investors.

All stockbrokers in the UK

Interactive Investor Services Limited

Trading name: interactive investor

Official website: Interactive Investor Services website

Services: Flat-fee share trading and fund supermarket

The second-largest stockbroker in the UK by assets under management, Interactive Investor is a Manchester-based group that has grown through a series of acquisitions over the last ten years, including the recent acquisition of EQi.

Retail stockbrokers

Investec Wealth & Investment (Channel Islands) Limited & Investec Wealth & Investment Limited

Trading name: Investec

Official website: Investec website

Services: Asset manager & private bank

Investec is a FTSE 250 listed business which recently span out its asset management operation as Ninety One plc. The remaining Investec brand covers the wealth management & private client business.

JM Finn UK stockbroker

J.M. Finn & Co.Ltd

Trading name: JM Finn

Official website: JM Finn website

Services: Discretionary portfolio management, Advisory Services, Wealth planning, Tax efficient investing, Inheritance tax portfolio service

On its website, JM Finn claims that it has £9.3bn of funds under management and administration on behalf of over 18,500 client accounts of which many are for families who have had investments overseen by JM Finn for several generations.

James Brearley

James Brearley & Sons Limited

Trading name: James Brearley

Official website: James Brearley website

Services: Investment management, best Stocks & Shares ISAs, Nominee service

James Brearley has been providing investment management and share dealing services for over 100 years.

James Sharp & Co

James Sharp & Co LLP

Trading name: James Sharp & Co

Official website: James Sharp & Co website

Services: Share dealing, SIPPs and ISAs, Nominee accounts

The history of James Sharp & Co began in Bury in 1885, and has been run as a tight-knit team ever since. From James Sharp 'til 2021, there have only been a total of 9 named partners at James Sharp & Co.

ShareDeal Active

Jarvis Investment Management Limited

Trading name: Jarvis Investment Management, shareDeal active

Official website: Jarvis website

Services: Stockbroking

Jarvis offer stockbroking services to their own clients, plus the clients of other financial institutions. It provided services to clients of Yorkshire Building Society, but recently acquired that book of business from YBS which is effective from 1 May 2021.

Jarvis also trades under a direct investing model on shareDeal active.

Killik & Co

Killik & Co LLP

Trading name: Killik & Co

Official website: Killik & Co website

Services: Savings & investments, savings & investing app

Killik & Co is an award-winning investment and wealth management company. In 2019 it was named Wealth Manager of the Year in the Investors Chronicle / Financial Times Investment & Wealth Management Awards.


Oberon Investments Limited

Trading name: Oberon Investments

Official website: Oberon website

Services: Investment management, Corporate advisory & broking

The Investment Management division incorporates two teams, Oberon Investments and Hanson Investment Management.

Hanson Investment Management is a company that grew out of a family office for the Janson family. Clients can leverage the same level of attention and service commitment as the founding family receives.

Pilling & Co

Pilling & Co Stockbrokers Ltd

Trading name: Pilling & Co

Official website: Pilling & Co website

Services: Stockbroking & portfolio management services

Pilling & Co have offered stockbroking services for over a century. The business was founded by Henry Pilling, who launched the firm in 1893.

The Pilling Ideal Portfolios (PIPs) were introduced in 2001 to offer clients a bespoke portfolio made up of unit trust, OEICs and investment trusts at a lower rate than their fully managed services.

Quilter Cheviot

Quilter Cheviot Ltd

Trading name: Quilter Cheviot

Official website: Quilter Cheviot website

Services: Portfolio service, ethical & sustainable investments, offshore investments

The Quilter Cheviot Climate Assets Fund has recently celebrated its 10th birthday. It invests mainly in equities but also includes an allocation of alternative assets such as renewable energy infrastructure.

Ramsey Crookall

Ramsey Crookall & Co Limited

Trading name: Ramsey Crookall & Co

Official website: Ramsey Crookall & Co website

Services: Investment management, stockbroking

Ramsey Crookall offers, among other services, a portfolio model service called Shearwater. It's a Discretionary Fund Management (DFM) service designed by Ramsey Crookall’s investment committee to meet a broader range of investment objectives and risk tolerances. Leave the portfolio design to Ramsey, while you drip feed as little or much as you like into the platform each month.

Members of the LSE

Ravenscroft (CI) Limited

Trading name: Ravenscroft

Official website: Ravenscroft website

Services: Discretionary or partially advised stockbroking for UK clients

The tagline of Ravenscroft is 'Investments for Everyone'. With £7.75bn assets under management, they've not quite covered everyone but they seem to be working their way there!

Ravenscroft also offer two bespoke funds:

  • IFSL Ravenscroft Balanced Fund is a fund-of-funds
  • IFSL Ravenscroft Global Blue Chip is a focused portfolio of direct stocks

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Raymond James Financial International Limited & Raymond James Investment Services Limited

Trading name: Raymond James

Official website: Raymond James website

Services: Wealth management solutions for wealth managers and their clients

With £13.6bn of assets under management, it's easy to forget that Raymond James only came to the UK in 2001. Much of this extraordinary growth has come in the last decade. Part of the US firm Raymond James Financial, Inc

Rowan Dartington

Rowan Dartington & Co Limited

Trading name: Rowan Dartington

Official website: Rowan Dartington website

Services: Discretionary managed services & advisory dealing

Providing advice services to private clients and those of other wealth management firms, such as St. James's Place.

Russell Wood Limited

Trading name: Limited details available.

Official website: Limited details available.


Seven Investment Management LLP

Trading name: 7IM

Official website: Seven Investment Management website

Services: Investment services for the clients of financial advisers

From their offices in London, Edinburgh and Jersey, more than 400 7IM employees manage over £17 billion for a range of clients.

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Smith & Williamson Investment Services Limited

Trading name: Smith & Williamson

Official website: Smith & Williamson website

Services: Private wealth, taxation, financial planning

Smith & Williamson are one of the UK’s ten largest accountancy firms. As such, they provide a suite of services from taxation, family wealth, succession planning.

Smith & Williamson have recently completed a merger with Tilney (See below) and the combined group is known as Tilney Smith & Williamson.

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The Share Centre Limited

Trading name: The Share Centre

Official website: The Share Centre website


Please note that The Share Centre Ltd was acquired by Interactive Investor in 2020, and is no longer an independent company, although it continues to trade under its distinctive brand.

Thomas Grant & Co

Thomas Grant & Company Ltd

Trading name: Thomas Grant & Company

Official website: Thomas Grant & Company website

Services: Share dealing & ISAs

Thomas Grant also offer derivatives to professional investors only.

Best invest share dealing

Tilney Investment Management

Trading name: Bestinvest, Tilney Investment Management

Official website: Bestinvest website

Services: Retail investor brokerage platform including ISAs

Tilney merged with Smith & Williamson in 2020.

Walker Crips

Walker Crips Investment Management Limited

Trading name: Walker Crips

Official website: Walker Crips website

Services: Investments, pensions, structured investments

Walker Crisp offers several structured products, which it makes available through intermediaries. Their current plans list HSBC as the counterparty.