Intermediate Course

Refine your investing strategy and enhance your returns with our intermediate course.


Difficulty level

Course length

90 minutes

Course cost

Free (why?)

Course Objectives:

  • Explore more asset classes, such as property and peer-to-peer lending

  • Slash your costs to boost returns

  • How to legally avoid taxes

  • IPOs and emerging markets

  • Dividend growth investing

  • Complete all topics to graduate!


Generate risk-free profits by cutting down on fees, costs and charges

16 min

  • The huge impact of small savings
  • Is financial advice worth paying for?
  • How to find out if your fund charges are a rip-off
  • Halving platform and trading fees


How to access this high risk, high return frontier

9 min

  • Which countries are emerging markets?
  • Historical performance
  • How to efficiently access opportunities
  • The risks of doing business in emerging markets

Inspiration - the saving ratio

If you save 40% of your income, you could retire in just 20 years.

Learn more


The ultimate guide to investing in bricks and mortar

20 min

  • Should you consider your home as an investment?
  • Why property is a major asset class
  • The different components of a property investor's return
  • How to invest in property without becoming a landlord


How to buy into high growth companies as they enter the stock market

8 min

  • Why IPOs happen and why they can be attractive opportunities
  • How an IPO works behind-the-scenes
  • Recent IPO successes and flops
  • Why the 'crowding-out' phenomenon stacks the odds against investors

Further research: definitions

Exchange Traded Fund

OEIC (Fund)

Unit Trust

Investment Trust

REIT (Real Estate Investment Trust)

OEIC (Fund)

Hedge Fund

Junk Bond

Coupon Rate

FTSE 100


No investor should pay more tax than they need to

10 min

  • Tax evasion versus avoidance - which is legal?
  • How to defend your portfolio against tax
  • An overview of UK tax-free allowances
  • How tax applies to funds


Our influential thought piece on a controversial corner of the borrowing market 

9 min

  • The rise and fall of payday loans
  • Why do people take out such crippling debt?
  • Is the APR percentage useful to measure the cost of a payday loan?
  • How payday loans spiral out of control
  • Are payday loans ultimately scams?

Mastery: investment psychology


A modern take on equity investing for amateurs

14 min

  • An introduction to dividend growth investing
  • How dividend growth investors pick shares
  • Balanced assessment of the effectiveness of this popular strategy

Mastery: dividend income


Peek at the inner workings of this passive income machine


Seeking a premium return by becoming a lender to businesses and individuals

12 min

  • How peer to peer lending works
  • What different products are available?
  • What interest rate you can achieve through lending?
  • What are the risks, and how can these be mitigated?


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