Stay Flexible With WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping

Table rate shipping is a useful shipping solution that allows store owners to set shipping rates based on specific conditions. These can include product weight, product dimensions, product category, or even price. With table rate shipping, store owners have the flexibility to create customized shipping scenarios tailored to their business needs.

For example, a store selling a range of products with varying weights and dimensions can set different shipping rates based on these factors. Similarly, a store offering a vast array of product categories, some of which are more difficult to handle in transport than others, can apply different rates for such products. Table rate shipping empowers merchants to fine-tune their shipping strategy to maximize efficiency and minimize costs.

Offer the Perfect WooCommerce Shipping Method

Depending on the needs of your store, the types of products offered, and any other valid factors, you may need different shipping solutions. With Table Rate Shipping, you have the flexibility to tailor it to your store. For simpler shipping scenarios, you might be comfortable with the free version of the plugin, which allows you to base shipping rates on price or weight.

If your store is a bit more complex and you are searching for even more flexibility, you can opt for the PRO version. This way, you receive more functionalities, such as shipping cost based on item quantity, product category or volume. The PRO variant also gives you 1-on-1 premium support from our team. Discover all the WooCommerce shipping solutions provided by to truly take control of your store.

Give WooCommerce International Shipping a Go With Flexible Solutions

The logistics of international shipping may seem overwhelming at first, but with our plugins, you can navigate the process with ease. In this case, you may consider Live Rates plugins, which offer real-time shipping rates for individual packages delivered by specific carriers. These plugins connect directly to carriers’ servers to fetch up-to-date shipping rates based on factors such as package weight, dimensions, and shipping destination.

Live Rates plugins provide accurate and transparent shipping costs, ensuring customers are charged the correct and fair amount for shipping while you save both time and money. Depending on your needs, you can purchase plugins separately or in bundles to achieve the level of flexibility your store needs. This way, you can fully control how much money you spend on shipping without any unpleasant surprises.

Control Your Finances Without Limiting Your Potential

Regardless of the solution chosen, your customers can select their preferred shipping method during checkout, and the plugin will automatically calculate the accurate shipping rates for the respective orders. With Table Rate Shipping, you can set fixed shipping rates based on predefined conditions, while Live Rates plugins provide dynamic pricing based on real-time carrier rates.

Either way, you will get a plugin that allows you to automate the process of calculating rates. Thus, you can eliminate the need for constant manual interventions that cost you both time and money. With accurately and fairly calculated rates, you are no longer forced to incur additional costs in the form of losses on shipping.