Best Investment Podcasts UK

Staying up to date with the financial markets needn’t be difficult with the best investment podcasts for UK listeners. Whether you’re looking for stock tips, academic finance theory or topical comments on the market madness of the day, there’s a perfect investing podcast out there for you. And if you also want to share your knowledge and thoughts with people, you can also create your own audio or video podcast and merge video clips. In this article, we’ll list our favourite investment podcasts in several categories and encourage you to give them a listen today.

Best independent investment podcast (UK)

This category rewards independent bloggers, speakers and authors who produce their own insightful investing podcasts. A podcast is a fantastic creative outlet for the best financial minds in the UK and these four choices will enlighten your finances if you give them a listen. 

1. The Wealth Journal by Jay Hardy

The Wealth Journal

The Wealth Journal Podcast is a relatively new investment & alternative asset podcast from the desk of retail investor & finance expert Jay Hardy.

A self-confessed amateur, Jay is researching his way to expertise one topic at a time, and sharing his accumulated knowledge – his wealth journal – with the public in regular weekly instalments.

With recent episodes featuring lively interviews with entrepreneurs and other investors, you’ll always find a thought-provoking topic to inspire you to explore new assets or build riches on The Wealth Journal Podcast.

2. Financial Independence Podcast by the Mad FIentist

Best investing podcast

The Financial Independence Podcast is the comprehensive creation of Brandon, AKA ‘The Mad FIentist), who currently lives in Glasgow. 

The podcast format sees Brandon pick the brains of a different veteran of the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) scene each week. 

The series has naturally come to the end of its run but its 61 episodes are easily enough to induct any investor into the spend less, invest more mindset. A very close runner-up as our best overall UK investing podcast.

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3. In Her Financial Shoes Podcast – Catherine Morgan

Best uk investment podcasts

Catherine Morgan, an ex-financial adviser, tackles personal finance from a woman’s perspective with her podcast series In Her Financial Shoes

Catherine, who now brands herself as a finance coach, has her own compelling personal story which saw her rid herself of a toxic debt pile while she was a young adult. Plus, she discovered more about self-control and power over her finances along the way. 

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4. The Return | Property & Investment Podcast

Best podcasts

Anna Clare Harper hosts The Return, a podcast about how to invest in property. Anna’s content steps above the ‘how-to’ and basic tips in the podcasts of her peers. Her 90 episodes get into the detailed topics that experienced buy-to-let landlords will get excited about, such as build-to-rent and estate planning. 

It’s worth highlighting that Anna is also the author of one of the books we feature in our shortlist of the best property investing books

5. The Investor Way

Money podcasts

Not to be confused with Aussie podcast ‘The Investors Way’, The Investor Way is a UK podcast focused on equity investing – in UK companies in particular.

The latest episode takes a look at Trainline, Sainsburys, GSK, Shell & BT. It’s the perfect listen for active investors who are seeking excellent company analysis handed to them on a platter.

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Best financial journalism podcasts (UK)

1. The Economist: Money Talks 

Economist podcast

The Economist: Money Talks is the podcast for investors who want the full picture, a global mindset and detailed knowledge about the business world outside of the developed markets. The Economist places attention upon emerging and frontier markets which rarely earn coverage on the front page of western newspapers.

The Economist, widely regarded as one of the most trusted names in journalism, has a fantastic audio edition of the magazine which sits behind a paywall. However, its Money Talks podcast is a free resource that offers a tantalising taster of the full Economist experience. Ranked overall as our best investment podcast in the UK.

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2. This is Money Podcast

Investment podcasts

This Is Money Podcast is the audio companion to one of the most visited financial news websites in the UK: This is Money. Like the website, the This is Money podcast covers wide ground including banking and loan topics. 

But it’s investing topics such as ‘Are Premium Bonds Worth holding onto? Was the Bank of England correct to leave interest rates alone?’ which make the podcast a worthwhile listen for selective investors. 

3. The Money To The Masses Podcast

Money to the Masses is a prominent personal finance website with comparison pages and best-buy guides for a variety of financial products such as stocks & shares ISAs and investing apps

Damien Fahy and his team lead The Money to the Masses Podcast, which has broken through its 300th episode this year. The episodes can range from 10 minutes blasts to 50-minute briefings and recent topics include green bonds and house buying.

Best investment podcast

4. FT News Briefing Podcast

Best investing podcasts

You can’t talk about quality financial news without referencing The Financial Times. Arguably the definitive investment news publisher, the FT also produces a variety of audio podcasts. 

We’ve chosen to highlight the News Briefing Podcast in this shortlist because it condenses the very best that the FT has to offer; credible journalism, breaking news and the absence of sensationalism. 

These 10-minute bitesize clips are the investment news digest that everyone has time for.

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5. Money Box (BBC Radio 4)

Podcasting about money

Money Box is the long-running finance radio show, now available for download as a podcast via the BBC Sounds app. 

Each show lasts approximately 20 minutes, and covers topical personal finance news and responds to letters from readers. Its familiar voice comes in the shape of broadcaster Paul Lewis, who has served as Money Box’s host since 2000.

Best investment podcasts (UK Wealth Managers)

1. Word on the Street – Barclays

Barclays podcasts

The Word on the Street is the news-based investment podcast by Barclays, the UK bank. This podcast sees some of the many experts at one of the UK’s largest banking giants discuss the latest events that have made the headlines.

Recent topics include how do hedge fund managers assess the best companies to invest in,  and ‘how can we ensure our investments support real, meaningful change?’

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2. The Responsible Investing Podcasts – abrdn

It may have a new name now, but abrdn continue to add episodes to their podcast ‘The Responsible Investing Podcasts’. 

abrdn, formerly known as Standard Life Aberdeen (an asset management giant formed by the merger of Standard Life and Aberdeen Asset Management), has been doing more than just playing havoc with our spell checker software. They’ve produced over 25 30-minute shows about sustainable investing. 

Learn about multi-asset investment strategies and the future of food with an ESG hat on with the abrdn team. This podcast is widely available on most platforms. 

3. Investec Focus Radio UK

Focus is the weekly podcast from Investec, the Anglo-South African international banking and wealth management group. 

Over time, the UK edition of the podcast has become an energy market specialist, hosted by Callum Macpherson (head of Investec’s Commodities desk). Providing updates on the oil or wider energy market each week in a 20-minute briefing. 

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4. VSA Capital

Investment bank VSA doesn’t host an investment podcast, they’ve created three: VSA Capital Podcast, VSA Morning Miner and VSA Tech & Transitional Energy.

The most prolific is the Morning Miner podcast which brings the latest mining & resource news into your ear each morning. 

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5. Schroders The Value Perspective

The first podcast on this list to focus on value investing, The Value Perspective Podcast has been running since July 2020. Each episode brings a new CEO, value investor or big thinker to the table. Previous guests include Tom Slater (Head of US Equities, Baillie Gifford) and Ajmal Ahmady (former Governor of the Central Bank of Afghanistan).

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Best investment podcasts (UK Stockbrokers)

1. AJ Bell Money & Markets

UK stockbroker giant AJ Bell have two active podcasts: Money & Markets and Money Matters

Money & Markets is a news-based podcast covering the latest events moving the financial markets. Its latest episode title: ‘Covid pill boosts market confidence, Tesla’s social sell-off, and the man whose stock market bets paid off’ gives you a picture of the round-up aspect of the show.  

Episodes range from 30 minutes to 1 hour, so they’re the perfect way to keep your ear close to the ground while commuting to work.

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2. Fidelity Money Talk Radio

Fidelity Money Talk Radio is the UK investment podcast from Fidelity International, the stockbroker. Regular hosts Ed Monk and Tom Stevenson use their 20-minute slots to discuss the big questions floating around the minds of retail investors, such as What are nervy markets telling us? Will pensions get less generous?

3. Tilney Investment Podcast

Tilney is a financial advisory firm, also known for its investing platform BestInvest. Nested within their news section is an excellent podcast in which the team share their take on the latest economic trends and data. 

The Tilney Investment Podcast began in January 2019 and has provided a monthly view every since. Recent episodes include:

  • The fundamentals are positive
  • Markets take a battering
  • A month of sentiment effects and volatile markets

4. Interactive Investor Podcasts

News has recently emerged that abdrn are in talks to buy Interactive Investor from their private equity owners. Let’s hope for our sakes that the transaction doesn’t dent their podcast output!

Interactive Investor, or ii, have produced over 5 shows to date. The most recent is The ii Family Money show with well-known presenter Gabby Logan.

The Best Investment Podcast in the UK

Overall we name The Economist: Money Talks as our favourite investing podcast.

It was a close tie between The Economist and The Financial Independence Podcast for the overall title.