Welcome to the Advanced Level Course. Here, I'll share the advanced techniques used by professional investors to maximise their return on investment. 

This course is not appropriate for beginners - it involves exotic investments and higher risk strategies.

These should only be considered by investors with a high risk tolerance and several years of experience.


Investment platform (Funds)

I personally use Vanguard Investor as my vehicle to make long term investments into index funds. I love:

  • Its low annual platform fee of 0.15% of assets
  • Nil trading fees when buying Vanguard funds.
  • The lowest fund management charges in the industry

An investors guide to spread betting

Investment platform (Everything else)

I personally chose Cavenish Online when selecting my stockbroker. Cavendish Online doesn't actually provide brokerage services. It acts as an agent to provide discounted fees for a Fidelity account. I picked for:

  • The competitive 0.25% annual platform fee
  • Reasonable trading fees of £10
  • Reputable FundsNetwork platform

An investors guide to spread betting

Financial information

I use Google Finance to look-up the price of companies or the unit price of funds. Google Finance also has a useful charting tool which I used to review broad movements in equity indexes.

Investing Books

For beginners, I recommend reading 'How to Read the Financial Pages' by Michael Brett. This title opens up the jargon and terms used casually by stock market veterans. 

Wealth Management

I use Money Dashboard to keep ontop of my portfolio. Money Dashboard automatically updates with your latest balance information by synchronising with hundreds of banks.  Without this tool, it would be quite a painful exercise to measure my net worth on a regular basis.


I use ZoneAlarm Free Antivirus & Firewall to keep my computer secure from viruses whilst managing my affairs. Fraud and theft is, after all, simply another investment risk we need to manage!