Advanced Course

Explore exotic investments with the aim of maximising your total return with these advanced topics.


Difficulty level

Course length

85 minutes

Course cost

Free (why?)

Course Objectives:

  • High-risk opportunities for sophisticated investors

  • Avoid the costly mistakes of others

  • How to invest in commodities and land

  • Structured product secrets revealed

  • Bitcoin as an investment opportunity

  • Complete all topics to graduate!


Using CFDs and spread betting to replicate investment positions

13 min

  • An introduction to spread betting
  • How does spread betting work behind the scenes?
  • Does spread betting have a place in a modern investment portfolio?
  • The violent cost of leverage


Exploring the appeal of crypto currencies as an investment

8 min

  • What is Bitcoin and the blockchain?
  • How has Bitcoin performed as an investment?
  • Tax status and legality
  • Are crytocurrencies suitable for an investment portfolio?

Inspiration - the saving ratio

If you save 40% of your income, you could retire in just 20 years.


The stunning wizardry behind this 'user-friendly' class of investment

17 min

  • Real examples of structured products
  • How investment companies deliver on their bold promises
  • The hidden pitfalls not included on the prospectus
  • How structured products could complement your portfolio


The commodities market is now open to retail investors

14 min

  • Why commodities are traded on financial markets
  • The many ways investors can tap into the commodity market
  • The historical performance of commodities as investments


Rare and finite, how to introduce land to your property portfolio

19 min

  • Why is land an attractive investment?
  • How to find land available for sale
  • The process of buying land
  • What you need to know before agreeing to purchase a plot
  • How to generate a return or income from a land investment


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