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Financial Expert offers 3 totally free investing courses to help you get off to a flying start.

Foundation course is for people at the start of their investing journey.

Intermediate course is for investors looking for new ideas and tweaks to improve their returns.

Advanced course is for experienced investors in search of higher-return investment strategies.


Choose your free investing course to get started today:


A broad introduction to saving and investing

Understanding your risk tolerance and time horizon

Building a portfolio from scratch

Understanding why investors choose to invest in the stockmarket

Avoid investment scams

How to choose a stockbroker account

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Targeting returns of 6% per year

How to crunch fees to squeeze the most value from your assets.

Boost your returns through tax efficiency

Participate in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Peer to Peer lending - what are the risks?

Exploring emerging markets

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Targeting returns of 8% per year

Latest academic research in the field of portfolio theory

Identifying arbitrage opportunities

Using financial gearing to accelerate returns

Including commodities within your portfolio

The complex world of derivatives

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Why I decided to give away access to all my investing courses for free

My name is Simon. I find investing to be an exciting and empowering pursuit. I don't just do it to plan for my future, it's essentially my hobby!

Years ago, when I would talk about money with friends and family, I saw a bleak pattern emerge. Many folks: 

Had some savings in the bank

Had the discipline to put some money away each month

Had long term goals (such as saving for retirement) which mean a great deal to them

Were earning less than 2% a year on their savings

The problem

The rates of interest offered by bank accounts are a waste of time.


By placing long term savings in a low return account, savings goals are being pushed months, if not years further into the future. 

We work so hard for each pound or dollar we save. Don't we owe it to our working self to make sure that what we do save, goes as far as possible?

In investment terms, that means we need to choose a savings and investment strategy that's right for us.

The thought of designing such a strategy, and actually carrying it out, can be overwhelming. Many theoretical concepts must be firmly grasped before you can begin. The number of choices you are faced with is boggling! 

In the face of this challenge, it may not surprise you to learn that only 78% of Brits directly invest in the stock market¹.

The solution

It eventually occurred to me that the root of the problem was the lack of access ordinary people have to investing knowledge. The solution, I concluded, was both simple and doable; turning investing knowledge into general knowledge.

With the right information, you will gain the confidence to make your money work harder. If you trust the source, and do , people will be well-informed of the risks and less likely to experience disappointment. 

This is why I've created free investing courses. All the information you need, in one place. Free to access.

It's about helping as many people as possible reach their goals. 

Good Luck in your free investment courses

P.S If you're unsure which course is right for you - start at the foundation course. You can always move onwards to the intermediate course after you've checked your understanding. 

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