Property Investment Courses UK

This is a placeholder page for our featured property investment courses.

On this page, we will be featuring several property investment courses from a wide range of providers.

All on-demand courses will be immediately accessible via our training providers. We purposefully feature courses from a variety of providers to ensure that we’re featuring a range of content which will appeal to as many Financial Expert visitors as possible.

Why choose a property investment course?

You may see great value in taking a property investment course to:

  • Learn how to save for a house deposit
  • Build the confidence to buy your first investment property
  • Deepen your knowledge and to professionalise and optimise your investments.
  • Increase your employability with a widely recognised qualification for your CV
  • Gain credentials to increase the respectability of your own property business

A wide range of online courses exists to meet your needs and budget.

From simple introductions to property investment (£9.99) to formal qualifications which also count towards your continuing professional development (£1,520).

What types of property investment course are there?

Online property investment courses take three main forms:

  • Formal property qualifications via distance learning
  • Live online property webinars
  • Self-taught property investing content
  • Property investment mentoring & coaching

Formal property qualifications via distance learning

Gain internationally recognised qualifications through distance learning. Accredited UK institutions which offer such courses include:

  • The Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS)
  • The Investment Property Forum (IPF) in association with the University of Reading
  • The Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI)

Distance learning qualifications will take longer to achieve (e.g. 200 hours), but will provide you with an official credential which will be recognised by employers or businesses that you will interact with through property deals.

It also follows that due to the higher levels of accreditation, formal property qualifications provide excellence in terms of the depth and relevance of their content.

Live online property investment webinars

Live webinars are a real classes with other live participants which can be attended virtually.

Property investment webinars have gained a poor reputation for being offered at a very cheap price, only to turn out to be little more than a sales pitch for another premium property investment course or subscription.

After all, 2-3 hours is unlikely to contain enough content to cover the basics of investing in property in the UK. It’s more likely that webinars of this length will only act as a ‘taster session’.

Therefore these webinars are mainly aimed at beginners, or are centred around a very specific topic, to make use of the short running time.

Self-taught property investing content

A self-directed property investment course uses a fully automated course delivery system.

The course may consist of raw content, challenges and automated knowledge checks.

The advantage of this course format is that it allows the student to set their own pace as they move through the content. There is also little need to ‘take notes’, as the material is already provided.

Property coaching & mentoring

Property investment coaching is where the student pays for an ongoing relationship with a tutor or course provider.

Property investment mentoring may be offered as a follow-on to one of the course types above. Such schemes usually provide a forum for mentees to discuss and chat about property investment privately, which adds value to the experience.