Ecologi Tree Planting Update #1 – Dec 2020

In my Ecologi update series, I provide my readers with an update on the impact Financial Expert’s contributions to Ecologi – a company helping to fight climate change. In this post I will introduce Ecologi and provide the first tree update!

I currently donate 40% of the sites display advertising revenue to Ecologi each month.

If you’ve been following this blog closely, you will have noticed the awareness campaign which I have begun running across the site (in the sidebar and footer) to raise awareness of Ecologi and encourage readers to join me!

Who is Ecologi?


As I explain in my Ecologi review, Ecologi is a social enterprise company founded in the UK.

Ecologi is a fund-raising platform which directs cash to carbon-offset and tree planting programmes across the world.

In return for funding these projects, Ecologi is provided with certifications which allow it to precisely measure the amount of CO2 stored, and how many trees have been planted.

Ecologi offers you the opportunity to become carbon negative for just £4.70 per month.

The Ecologi team have expert web developers who have gamified the experience of being a supporting member. In return for a monthly subscription amount, you:

  • Receive confirmation that you are now carbon negative
  • Receive virtual trees which grow in your own profile to help you see the impact of your giving
  • Compete against other members within the tree leader board (where there are separate rankings for individuals and businesses to fight it out!).

It all sounds a bit fun really, which is the whole point of gamification. This interface produces engagement, and engagement drives referrals, more giving, and ultimately more trees.

Tree Update #1 – 24 December

Current subscription level: Helper (1 Carbon footprint)

Number of trees planted: I have funded 142 trees in total

Number of bonus trees from referrals: I’ve been awarded 90 bonus trees

Additional impact purchased: None

I’m happy with that as a start. 142 trees sounds great, but I know that we can go much, much further. And you can help my progress too!

If you sign up to Ecologi through my referral link, then we will both be awarded with 30 bonus trees, also known as sparkly trees.

What are bonus trees? Bonus trees are allocated from Ecologi’s surplus funding.

When costing up membership plans, Ecologi intentionally uses prudent estimates when determining the number of trees and amount of carbon which will be offset by the plan. This is to allow for cost inflation, marketing costs and project underperformance, ensuring that users are guaranteed to achieve the real-world impact which was promised in return for their donation.

In a typical month, this leads to unallocated impact which Ecologi can assign to users as incentives.

I’d like to thank the 3 readers who have already signed up this month as members via my banners. I hope your virtual forests are enjoying their bonus trees also!

Future targets

In future updates, I will set out an ambitious moon-shot target to aim for.

How many trees should plant? Please contact me or leave a comment below to suggest what number of trees I should aim for!

I will be able to hit my target through a combination of:

  • Monthly trees from my recurring subscription
  • Bonus trees from referring new members
  • Additional impact purchased on an ad hoc basis

Also, as the site grows, I also wish to upgrade my membership level to offset more than just my own carbon footprint.

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