5 Types of Assignments Finance Students Usually Complete

If you’re good at math and like dealing with numbers, a career in finance might be a perfect choice for you for plenty of reasons. But before you opt for this career path, make sure you understand all the specifics of the profession — otherwise, you may end up failing miserably. 

While it is true that the demand for qualified finance specialists is high and so are the median salaries, the pressures are also galore. Moreover, the entry threshold is high, too — a bachelor’s degree is indispensable for anyone looking for a job in the finance sector. 

Thus, it’s necessary to invest your money, time, and effort in getting that degree, and several years are going to pass before you’ll start receiving a return. If you’re in doubt whether you’re ready to commit, the following list of the most common assignments finance students usually complete might help you decide.

Types of Assignments



If you were hoping to avoid writing essays by choosing a finance major, you were hoping wrong. Essays are as commonly assigned to finance students as to those studying other disciplines. But for people who are better at dealing with numbers than with words, such assignments are typically more daunting. 

That’s why online essay services are so popular among finance students. With them at hand, people who are good at their subject but lack writing skills can improve their grades and not lag behind their more eloquent fellows. Yet, you shouldn’t treat finance essays lightly if you want to succeed in your future profession. 

Here’s the point: please take a look at the most common essay types finance students get to write. These are

  • research papers; 
  • case studies;
  • white papers.

All these papers are not really about writing skills. They are more about research, systematization, analysis, drawing conclusions, and making predictions. Therefore, their goal is far beyond simply honing your writing skills. So, if you are systematically failing to complete your essays, you might be missing out more than you think you are. 

Business Reports

Business reports are often confused with essays. However, they are not quite the same. Here are a few main features of business reports as compared to academic essays. Business book reports

  • contain a table of contents;
  • are divided into headed sections and subsections;
  • typically include visuals such as charts, diagrams, and tables;
  • may contain comments and recommendations; 
  • often feature original research findings and more.

Generally speaking, business reports have a more complex structure and, therefore, are harder to complete. However, they are also crucial for the successful outcome of your educational process because they focus on real-life cases rather than on theory.


Tests are probably the most common assignments overall, so all students get familiar with them from primary school. Tests are also easiest to complete because, as a rule, they only test theoretical knowledge. So, if you prepare well, there’s little chance of failure. 

However, memorizing a lot of information can sometimes be harder than anything else. So, it’s vital to learn memorizing techniques that work best for you and start preparing in advance. And, of course, cramming won’t get you far — even if you manage to pass a test, most of the information will fade away shortly after. 

Additionally, college tests may include trickier questions like problem-solving. To answer them, you’ll have to use not only your theoretical knowledge but also your other skills. 

Problem-Solving Tasks 

Problem-solving can also be a standalone assignment and a difficult one at that. Besides testing one’s problem-solving skills to the limit, such tasks also require students to show a certain amount of creativity and ingenuity. Moreover, one should also know how to explain the solutions cohesively and convincingly. That implies having command of the language. 

Yet again, completing these assignments prepares finance students for their work. After all, a career in finance is all about problem-solving, especially if you’re aiming at a manager’s seat sometime in the future. So, consider your career choice twice if such tasks are not your cup of tea.


Presentations may seem the easiest and the most enjoyable task type on this list. Yet, it depends — primarily, on what type of person you are. If public speaking is your thing and you’re good at delivering information in visual form, you won’t have any trouble with these assignments. 

But if you don’t like being in the limelight and struggle to express your ideas concisely, you might need additional coaching. On the other hand, there are many professionals in the finance sector working behind the scenes, so you might as well delegate and concentrate on what you’re good at instead.

Wrapping Up

To build a successful career in accountancy, a minimum of an undergraduate degree is absolutely necessary. But considering the tuition costs and the efforts required to enter a college, it’s vital to understand the prospects before you make any moves. 

Very often, students get discouraged by the amount of workload and the types of assignments they get to complete. To avoid following in their footsteps, consider whether you’re prepared for the types of tasks listed above and choose your career responsibly.