When to Plan to Buy a Car to Save Money: Tips for Buying a New Car

When on vacation, many people prefer to rent a car to make all their planned trips and see all the sights at their destination in the most comfortable way possible, rather than ordering expensive taxis or jostling with people on public transport. Many come with the whole family for a long time and rent a car for a few weeks or even a month and this allows them to rent a car at a reasonable price.

Some travellers sometimes make a special trip to cities like Dubai where they can rent premium cars, sports cars, and even supercars. Many people use Mercedes E Class rental in Dubai to experience the luxury of a holiday in the emirates to the fullest. At the same time, car rentals offer high-quality service and reasonable prices, and therefore many are willing to spend money so that nothing interferes with their vacation.

In everyday life, people need a car not only to comfortably drive around the city. For many people, buying a car becomes a necessity. However, renting a car and buying a car are two different things, since the cost of a car is quite high and therefore people are more responsible in their choice.

Few people know that the seasons affect the cost of cars. In this article, we will talk about the influence of seasons on the cost of new cars.

Save Money: Tips for Buying a New Car

Buying new cars across the seasons

January and February

According to many years of experience and professionalism of experts, many say that the first two months of the year are the best to plan a purchase. This is because, on the eve of the new sales season, car dealerships offer profitable discounts, bonuses, and arrange sales. This is because new models are coming soon, which means that the old ones need to be sold out as soon as possible. In addition to receiving a discount on your purchase, you can also receive nice gifts.


All car dealers are preparing for the arrival of new models. If all bonuses and gifts are distributed at the beginning of the year, then this month you can be content with an even lower price. In this regard, if you want to purchase last year’s model, then hurry up to make a purchase.

April and May

During this period, you can forget about the purchase if cost is important to you since new models arrive during this period, which means that prices become sky-high. No one will offer a discount and arrange sales, as there will be many buyers who will be willing to give money for a new long-awaited model.

June and July

Summer starts, which means that everyone is only interested in going on a long-awaited trip. Very few people are interested in buying a car, which means that car dealerships are not meeting their sales targets. Thus, car dealers will do everything possible to sell at least something. They will offer multiple discounts and nice bonuses so you can plan your purchase.

August – November

Many are returning to everyday life and so the demand for cars is on the rise again, so you can’t expect to save money or get something nice as a gift.


This is a favourite time of the year for consumers as all retailers have big discount sales. The same applies to car sales. However, as many shoppers know, marketers come up with various strategies that allow people to think they are saving while spending more. Thus, you can become a hostage of this situation.


Summing up all of the above, if you are looking to buy a new car, it is best to always plan to do so in the first two months of the year when prices are down. In addition to reduced prices, you can get additional nice bonuses and gifts.