The Top Reasons Why We Borrow Money

In some cases, you may want to try something else before taking out a personal loan. For example, you may want to make a small purchase or negotiate a lower price or value. Personal loans are usually borrowed money that can be used to make major purchases, debt consolidation, emergency expenses, and more!

Nick Wilson, experienced loan officer and CEO of AdvanceSOS, shares his knowledge of the reasons that make people borrow money. Nick is an expert in personal finance. He founded AdvanceSOS – a loan aggregator, to help people in emergency situations connect with direct lenders to get same-day payday loans at AdvanceSOS with no credit check.

Personal loans are repaid in monthly instalments over several months or even several years. It may take longer depending on circumstances and how diligently a borrower is making payments. 

How do consumer loans work?

Whatever the purpose of your loan, you have several options. Funding is available through credit cards, real estate loans, and other options. In many cases, personal loans are the best solution for consumers. Nick Wilson, CEO of AdvanceSOS, considers that personal loans are often cheaper than credit cards. Thus, its financing is faster than with home equity loans. In addition, since personal loans are often unsecured, they are a less risky form of financing than secured loans such as equity products. This means that your home, car or savings account is not immediately at risk in the event of a default.

How to determine if a personal loan is right for you?

If you need a quick cash flow to pay for necessary expenses, then a personal loan may be a good option for this. Moreover, interest rates on personal loans can be even lower than on credit cards, especially if you have an excellent credit score. It would be best if you always weighed the advantages against the disadvantages. After all, getting a personal loan means taking on debt. It would help if you were prepared to get out of that debt over several years. If you don’t have a monthly budget for principal plus interest, reconsider the amount you need to borrow or how you borrow. There are top reasons to get a personal loan and when they make sense.

Reasons for taking a personal loan

Personal loans can be used for almost any of your needs within reasonable limits in accordance with the terms of the loan. You may not use the money for anything illegal, gambling, or, in most cases, post-secondary education expenses. There are some good reasons to get a personal loan:

Emergency cash assistance

If you need money to cover bills right now, emergency expenses, or anything else that needs immediate attention, then you can take out a personal loan. Most lenders provide online apps that let you know if you’ve been approved in minutes. Depending on your lender, you can get instant financing on the same day or within a few business days. You can use a personal loan to cover emergencies such as:

Payment of overdue payments for housing and utilities;

  • medical bills;
  • funeral expenses;
  • unexpected car repair;
  • repair and equipment of the house;
  • debt consolidation and more.

Consolidation and debt coverage

Americans have $1 trillion in credit card debt. While some of these include purchases made by people, they also include interest and fees. All of these add up and can keep many consumers from paying off their credit card debts. Personal loans can be used as debt consolidation forms. This is also a popular reason why people take out a personal loan.

Personal loans can also charge much lower interest rates than credit cards, especially if you have good credit. The best personal loans charge an interest rate as low as 4%, well below the double-digit rates charged by most credit cards. In addition, any can take out a personal loan to pay off their outstanding credit cards and then make one payment to a new loan attendant.

Paying for large purchases

According to statistics, loans are most often used to pay for large purchases. Usually, people do not have enough savings to make a necessary purchase. For example, buy a washing machine or refrigerator. We can recall such a case when a person who wanted to publish his book applied for a loan but at the right time did not have the necessary amount for printing. A small loan helped make a dream come true. But, as a rule, funds are still spent on making well-thought-out purchases: home appliances, a phone, or a camera.

Recommendation: Before making a big purchase, ask and compare prices from different sellers. Do not buy the necessary thing in the first place you come across. First of all, carefully figure out which purchase best suits your desires and needs. For example, there is no point in buying a washing machine that is too big or too small if it does not meet your real needs.

Buying or repairing a car

It is no secret for car owners that maintaining a car is costly. Usually, maintenance costs are planned in advance. However, there are annoying situations when unexpected repairs are urgently needed. The customer service manager explains that the cost of repairing a machine often exceeds the amount planned in advance. If the car is necessary for commuting, then it will not be possible to postpone the repair. In this case, people more and more turn for a small loan with a desire to open a credit account. Statistics show that additional funds are most often taken to buy a used car (if a little is not enough for the full amount) as well as to change tires or pay insurance premiums.

Home improvement & renovation

If you have a private house, then you can take out a home equity loan to renovate or upgrade. In addition, you can take out a personal loan for this purpose. Moreover, home equity loans and their credit lines are great for home projects. Still, they are secured, and use your home as collateral.

Be aware that some lenders have tightened HELOC lending requirements due to Covid-19. Therefore, if you don’t want to risk losing your home in the event of late payments, then a personal loan is a safe substitute. Along with this, it may be faster to get a personal loan as compared to a home equity loan.