The Best Free Programs for Investor Presentations

The expansion of the internet over time has resulted in the development of multiple initiatives that can facilitate the creation of simple and comprehensible investor presentations. A presentation is a method of communicating information from a presenter to a listener. Formation, organisation, event management, drafting, use of visual cues, managing stress, and responding to questions are all typical requirements for briefings. Online investor presentations can be classified into three types:

  • Interactive; 
  • Informative;
  • Decision-Making;
  • Persuasive;
  • Instructive.

The ability to deliver a presentation digitally using the secrets of the internet can mean the distinction between an influential and dull investor presentation. Regardless of whether you operate with a diverse team or simply from home. Fortunately, there are some virtual instruments available for creating stunning investor presentations; find them further.

investor presentations

PowerPoint online

Those who embrace the digital world can’t help but notice the transition that Microsoft has undergone in recent times. Among the most famous interactive tools is PowerPoint. You can use the Office Presentation Platform to publicise your tumbles in PowerPoint 2013 as well as later versions. 

It’s a proficient edition of Microsoft’s exhibition app that can be accessed through almost any web application. The best part is that it is completely free to use. So all you have to do is set up a Microsoft account and sign in.


Keynote is yet another online free presentation platform. It is Apple’s iOS presentation tool. Users can make slideshows with images, words, and graphs. They can even choose from a variety of themes, formatting, styles, progressions, and animation. It works seamlessly with the Ios operating system, making it simple to incorporate images and audio-visual into your investor presentation. Keynote recently received an upgrade that improved collaboration features.


authorSTREAM enables you to share attached presentations with a larger number of people online. It is an unrestricted internet platform for disseminating presentations via blogs, internet sites, and sources such as YouTube or iPod. Similarly, numerous websites, including betting platforms, regularly use this style for advertising casino promotions. Several gamers have taken advantage of these presentations to grab massive jackpots and enjoy various incentives like the no deposit bonus 2022 UK. This is the most common type of bonus that a casino gives you to have some fun without any risks and investments.

Google slides 

The list of the finest online presentation concepts would be incomplete without Google Slides. Google Slides is a feature-packed free presentation platform with awesome features, a slick configuration, and unrivalled online sharing and integration tools. It is free and accessible from anywhere via your Google Drive profile. You can communicate with your team while presenting Google Slides online by using the built-in discussion tools. You can create nice designs using a variety of themes and a plethora of fonts, as well as embedded clips, animations, diagrams, and illustrations.

Investment proposals in a presentation

WPS presentation

WPS Presentation is one of the components of a free office suite that also involves writing and spreadsheets. Also, the available version includes 1GB of cloud storage. It can also be used on as many as three gadgets. The WPS Office website has searchable online assistance, a practical webpage, and other facilities. The best feature of WPS presentation is its built-in framework. There are numerous templates readily accessible for you to work with so that you can quickly create tumbles for investor presentations. The user interface is simple to use. Apart from that, you could save the slide show in a variety of formats and switch ppt contents to other file types such as pdf.

LibreOffice impress

Impress is an integral part of the open-source software LibreOffice. As a result, there is no premium edition. Impress may not be a challenge for you because it compares positively to many more expensive products. To utilise it, you must first download it on your private server. LibreOffice has a large community, as one would expect from free and open technology. This implies that a variety of third-party tools and instructional videos are obtainable. The LibreOffice Impress Remote app enables you to communicate with your Impress demonstration using your smartwatch or smartphone.


As one of the 7 best presentation software tools for entrepreneurs, Canva has a quick fix for every precondition. You can design every aspect of your presentation. Once all of it is resolved, you can shift your focus to the slides collectively. Canva’s illustrations are equally flexible, as they do not favour one template over the other. Users can make mobile-first exhibitions just as conveniently as they can make talking presentations. Additionally, each option is mutually configurable, so whatever your requirements, there will be a workable alternative.

LinkedIn SlideShare

LinkedIn SlideShare is an unlimited presentation sharing trading platform, not a presentation composing software program. However, if you need to display your video presentation to a wide professional audience, this digital software tool is worth learning about. It presently has millions of subscribers. Most of them are business executives. 

SlideShare allows you to include quality backlinks or LinkedIn accounts in your demonstration. This will aid in the development of backlinks and direct people to your profile page. While more people view your profile, your professional and personal brands will gain publicity and expand.


This web-based presentation program excels at creating dynamic features. It also has a lot of amazing effects. You can use genially to invent not only online PowerPoint presentations but also visualisations and other collaborative tasks. Most individuals will likely find it simple to learn. An up-to-date forum with some useful tips is available on the platform. It offers a wide range of highly qualified and colloquial templates and is geared toward better interactivity and simulations. It has a significant market advantage, owing to its versatility.


PowToon is a one-of-a-kind presentation software with exceptional attributes. Rather than a more compressed, slide-based exhibition, PowToon allows you to generate an animated version. Even at the free, basic level, you have access to several important functions. Free accounts get close to 100 MB of extra storage and can make videos up to three minutes long. With the trial feature, your content will be branded with PowToon. The PowToon website includes support articles and instructional videos to help you quickly learn how to use this technology. There are also numerous third-party guides obtainable.

Premium online presentation tools

Here are some of the online presentation tools that require a premium subscription:

  • Flipsnack is a 3D logical page-flip investor presentation creator that enables users to create and disburse intriguing keynotes. Users can build their participatory presentations from start to end or simply publish a PDF document and personalise it with Flipsnack’s functionalities. 
  • Piktochart allows you to develop infographics that can be presented as thumbnails. It provides a variety of professionally made templates as well as a variety of typefaces and colour patterns to help make my project stand out. You can add charts and waypoints to make it more visually appealing. You can also use a collection of industry-specific symbols.
  • Slidebean’s enticing layouts allow you to create keynote speeches in seconds. Professional images, charts, and GIFs are available for every listener. You can label them with your hues, font sizes, and emblems. Once completed, you can deliver it remotely from any location and even monitor the operations of your presentation.
  • Zoho Show helps to build and collaborate on captivating slides. You can insert and edit various types of keynotes. In addition, you can use animations and adjustments, as well as embed videos, comments, and Youtube clips in your presentations.
  • Prezi has a large template library that can be modified to amuse any audience. It allows you to track the success of your exhibition by showcasing algorithms of the viewers with what drew them in. You might also regulate the presentation with your smartphone as a remote.
  • Emaze is a brilliant piece of software that allows you to transform Powerpoint slides into intuitive, storytelling designs. Emaze has a plethora of presentation formats and video styles. You can also include media content, animations, and trends on social feeds.
  • FlowVella helps to engage your listeners by remaking your PowerPoint into an informational project by adding images, recordings, texts, links, exhibitions, and PDFs. It displays the presentations online and offline, as well as sharing them via a specially made web page.
  • Visme makes it simple to create visual stories by combining magnificent presentations and diagrams. Furthermore, it helps engagingly develop your ideas and transform uninteresting data into compelling stories. The presentation can also be embedded in a webpage or shared on social media.

Summary of premium online presentation tools

Further, you will find a short table to see in comparison the difference between all the premium tools mentioned above:

    Application      Free trial                Subscription
PiktochartYes$24.17 – $82.50 per month
SlidebeanNo$8 – $99/month
Zoho show Yes$4 – $6.4 per month
PreziYes$5 – $59 per month
EmazeYes$13 – $40 per month
FlowVellaYes$10 – $20/month
VismeYes$14 – $75 per month


There are numerous programs available that provide the perfect investor presentation the online world has to present. With this kind of broad selection to select from, there’s no reason to endure another dull and unattractive presentation.