How to Boost Motivation of Employees Working Remotely

Remote work can be beneficial for both employees and businesses, but one aspect that many managers struggle with is keeping employees motivated while they work from home. Motivation and employee wellbeing are known to be key factors for business success and efficiency, so what are a few strategies that can be used to keep motivation levels high? 

Team Activities 

One of the main drawbacks of remote work is that employees can feel isolated and alone, which can lead to a sharp dip in motivation and morale. You can prevent this and keep motivation levels high by arranging team activities, including both virtual and real-life events. Virtual events could include games, quizzes and after-work catch-ups.


Rewards & Incentives

Rewards and incentives have always been an effective strategy for boosting motivation, morale and employee wellbeing. Setting goals and then rewarding staff when these goals are met will help people to stay focused while working from home, encourage them to work hard and ensure that they still feel engaged and connected with the business. 

Examples of popular fringe benefits include dental plans, free coffee, an integrated office creche, and discounted gym memberships.


It is also important to have regular meetings and this is for a few reasons. Even virtual meetings can help staff to feel more connected and engaged with the business, plus it is important for keeping everyone on the same page and communicating important messages. It is important that you have a virtual meeting platform to bring you together that will make communication simple and straightforward.


Hybrid Work Model 

Many businesses are adopting a hybrid work model moving forward, which could be smart and help to improve productivity and motivation (particularly for those that struggle with remote work). Having staff spend some time during the week in the office will help by providing a different environment, giving their time more structure and allowing them to do important collaborative work in-person as opposed to online. It’s a business model which is taking off in a big way.


Many businesses are also finding that gifts can be an effective way to motivate remote staff. Gifts show that you care and value their hard work, they can help to strengthen relationships and encourage people to work hard to receive more gifts. There are generic gifts that could work well, but you may also want to think about unique gifts that each recipient will appreciate and get good usage out of. 

Hopefully, this post will give you a few ideas for ways to keep staff motivated while working remotely. Remote work can bring benefits to both parties, but it is easy for motivation levels to fall and this could lead to further issues impacting the entire business. Fortunately, there are effective ways to keep motivation levels high and ensure that you and your team can enjoy the many benefits that remote work can bring. 

No management book will be able to detail a cookie-cutter solution that you can perfectly drop into your business. It’s about finding the right combination of leadership techniques, rewards and cultural changes which resonate with your workforce. It’s not about becoming an expert in psychology or paying consultants high fees. It’s about asking your employees what they’re feeling, listening, and designing a response which fits their needs.