How Fitted Wardrobes Can Increase the Property Valuation Of Your Home

It might seem like a minor feature to pay attention to, but buyers are increasingly looking for practical and clever storage solutions when they purchase a property. With nifty solutions like fitted wardrobes, the work and expense is already done and paid for, making such solutions a great way to add thousands of pounds to your home’s value.

Here’s why it’s an excellent investment for anyone looking to sell their property.

Some styles are game-changers

Depending on the style, a fitted wardrobe can add some serious value to a property. And it’s not just because they provide in-built practicality; many buyers are attracted to storage solutions that look good too. When done well, they can uplift a space and bring a room together. It gives a luxury feel that buyers can’t get enough of.

Some wardrobe designs that have got buyers in a frenzy are the low-cost styles that allow buyers to customise them when they move in. Sliding doors are also great as they save space and offer added practicality. Finally, if a fitted wardrobe matches the overall aesthetic of a house, it can add even more value.

Pros and cons of fitted wardrobes

As with anything, fitted wardrobes have their advantages and disadvantages. Advantages include the fact that they add a personal touch to any bedroom as they can be customised to suit your style. If it’s tailor-made, you can also design added storage solutions that place your wardrobe above and beyond the rest.

Fitted wardrobes also tend to be better quality and last longer, meaning that they actually save you money in the long run. Finally, they use every inch of space available; they’re a really economical choice if you have small, awkwardly shaped rooms.

However, the price of a fitted wardrobe is enough to put some people off. Another added factor to consider is the time it takes to build the wardrobe and the installation time. A fitted wardrobe can take up to 3 months to be completed, making freestanding furniture a more attractive option if you need it now.

Of course, there’s also the issue of the permanence of a fitted wardrobe; this isn’t something you use for a few years and then replace with a newer, trendier version. In order to invest in a fitted wardrobe, you have to know that you’re still going to love it ten or twenty years later.

How they add value

Fitted wardrobes add value to homes due to their space optimisation; a factor that is particularly attractive in small homes. They are also multifunctional and offer lots more space than regular wardrobes. Finally, they give potential buyers one less thing to think about or buy, and this benefit can never be underestimated.