Finding a High Performing Financial Accounting Staffing Agency

The accounts or the financial team in your organization is responsible for making crucial decisions. The success or failure of your business often revolves around these decisions.

This is why hiring professional accounting team members who have the right skillset and financial knowledge along with an understanding of your nature of business is vital. Ensuring that those accounting staff are trained and knowledgeable at the tasks at hand will also be vital in getting the most out of them.

To train existing staff, you could turn to the best financial accounting books or finance books for educational materials. However, staff tend to look unkindly upon simply being handed a book to study. They prefer structure, such as that delivered through an online course or training programme.

If you are wondering how you can get your hands on the perfect accounting staff then contacting an accounting staffing agency is a smart choice.

Here are a few benefits of contacting such an agency for your accounting staff:

1. Experts in the field

Business owners usually do not have the right skillset when it comes to choosing the perfect staff for their accounting team. They end up asking the wrong questions and hire someone based on an impressive resume, even if they are not a perfect match for their demand.

A recruitment agency, on the other hand, ensures that the recruit fits into the right organisation structure where their skill sets are put to utmost use and the organization benefits from it. Nowadays, these agencies are using recruitment agency software to manage many applicants and efficiently organize recruitment data

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2. Handling everything

You need to inform the recruitment agency what you are looking for and they will go through the entire process right from shortlisting the candidate to finding the right match for you.

They take away the stress of having multiple people walk into your office during office hours. This makes it convenient to continue your routine while the agency looks for the right candidate.

3. They always meet your budget

Sometimes, you may have certain expectations from your accounting staff and they will have certain expectations from you as well.

Every organization has a budget constraint with regards to individual salaries and recruitment agencies ensure they stay within that budget without compromising on the right talent.

4. Outsource

If you do not require regular accounting staff in-house, these agencies can also connect you with organizations or individuals to who you can simply outsource the work to.

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This will help cut down your budget and you will not have to spend unnecessarily or have an extra seat occupied in your office.

As we discuss in our outsourcing definition article, the benefits of outsourcing include flexibility in cost; the behaviour of the cost will become variable, rather than fixed, if you hire accountants via a ‘day rate’ model, where notice periods are typically short.

This makes outsourcing ideal for short, or one-off projects which may necessitate a ramping up in the size of your finance team. If you were to recruit through normal methods, such as permanent employment contracts, you could be left with a redundant team after the project concludes.

5. Vacancies are filled out quicker

One of the perks of contacting individuals using a recruitment firm is they help fill up the positions quickly.

Most good recruitment firms have a huge talent pool that only they have access to. Some of them use the 9 Box Grid Talent Management Template, a very easy excel template that can show the skills, roles, and performance of the applicant in his/her previous employment. When you tell them your requirements, all they do is dip into the pool and find the perfect match for you in no time.

Not only that, but as a dedicated service organisation – a recruitment firm will usually be able to begin applying effort to fill those positions immediately. If you attempted to do so yourself, you would need to balance the priority of that tasks against other items on your ‘to-do’ list. As a result it may not be even started as promptly as you would otherwise like.

With the right accounting staffing agency, you will get the best talent from the field and quicker turnover times. There is no reason why you shouldn’t consider hiring your accounting staff through an accounting staffing agency.

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