Financial Literacy Can Impact Success in College

Financial literacy refers to the confluence of finances, credit, and debt management knowledge needed for making better decisions. Students’ daily choices concerning their finances tend to affect their overall performance.

Research shows that the students with more potent financial literacy are likely to have more positive behaviours in various life issues than those with less. Financial literacy knowledge gives the students confidence in the classroom. Here are different ways in which financial literacy can impact success in college.

Students should improve their financial literacy
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Proper budgeting

To thrive effectively on the campus, students must be conversant with the critical components of budgeting. College life has proven to be costly for most students who are spendthrifts. That’s why there is a need for effective budgeting for the students to pay for the tuition fees, room, transport, buy books, and cater for the other expenses.

Budgeting is one of the vital components taught in financial literacy courses. With budgeting knowledge, the students can navigate through the college challenges easily. As a result, the students will be able to budget for services like writing services or different tools online.

Read literature to get success in college

By reading the Great Gatsby essays by EduBirdie, the students will gain top money lessons that can help improve their financial wisdom. In addition to that, the writing skills will you excel in essays related to budgeting, being financially responsible and saving and investing money. The Great Gatsby, the popular novel by American writer F. Scott Fitzgerald was released in 1925 and throws light on the glitzy lifestyle of people in Long Island near NYC. It captures a great story which, among other points, underlines how your wealth will get you, friends, help you live a grand life and at the same time, and how maintaining that wealth is crucial in sustaining it for a lifetime. A selection of the best books such as The Great Gatsby and others could help shift a mindset in a way that a nagging parent could never otherwise.

Understanding the power of money

Nothing motivates students more like having a better life at the end of their careers. And this is all about being able to afford their basic needs. In every field of specialization, some areas pay more than others. It’s not about how to get rich quick; even if it’s just a slight improvement in the salary, students with financial literacy can see the importance of the minute increase.

On the other hand, students without financial literacy will feel like they are struggling too much to fit in something unworthy. As students work to get into the specializations that pay the most, they get to improve their performance and gain vital skills for various inventions. 

Dealing with debts

It’s no surprise that most students worldwide are constantly seeking loans to finance their lives in college. Borrowing money as a student is good, but borrowing without financial literacy is very dangerous. Borrowing should be done only when there is a pressing issue, and it’s the only way to get the money for these activities.

Students who lack financial literacy are likely to borrow money for events like parties that they could have just waited for. The priority should be borrowing money to sustain you in school. As a result, students with better financial literacy are likely to handle debts more effectively than those without. 

Planning for investments

Most of the successful startups were started by campus students. Financial literacy has helped many college students being investing or venture into various businesses as part-timers to boost their income. Nowadays, most college students have invested in stocks and created income streams that can sustain them when done with their college studies.

Financial literacy helps the students invent various ways to engage in business instead of relying on one source of income that will make it hard for both ends to meet. This gives the students confidence that they can survive any financial crisis and their studies won’t be terminated. 

For emergency response plans

There are various universities for finance degrees that the students can enroll in to increase their financial literacy skills for emergency response. It’s no surprise that most students encounter moments of emergency where they need money to finance their learning activities. 

There is also an emotional crisis that needs the students to travel and change their environment to overcome their issues. Being financially literate will save the student from having to borrow money to cater for the costs that are associated, as in the end, it may result in even more problems. The ability to be able to respond effectively to emergencies leads to success.


Financial literacy is a grave matter for college students in this digital age. With a vast knowledge of the issues with finances as a student, you are likely to manoeuvre most of the college challenges related to funds. You will plan when others are spending, and that’s what will make the difference at the end of the day.