5 Money Rules You Must Follow In Your Twenties

Young people seldom give much attention to money matters. It is easy to think that the twenties are too early to bother. But starting early can give you a head start and better chances to get rich in your thirties. Even better, you have less to worry about retirement planning in your forties. There are ways to enjoy your twenties, thirties, forties, and beyond, provided you get a bit money-savvy. Start following some rules in your twenties, and a secure and happy future just happens. Let us list the right ones to get your finances on track.

Learn to live below your means

When you are young, living below your means may not sound like a great thing to do. It could mean missing out on parties, skimping on hobbies, and choosing a cheaper car over a luxury vehicle. But you will realize the value of small sacrifices sooner rather than later. Apart from being financially secure, you get into the habit of minimalism, and it helps for a lifetime. Consider it a financial literacy skill you learn from life, not textbooks.

Build an emergency fund

You are almost halfway through the second rule if you master the first one. Sticking to the basics enables you to save more. You can build an emergency fund that keeps you afloat amid a crisis. Target at least six months of your living expenses and keep consolidating beyond it. The bigger the emergency fund you have, the softer your landing is if disaster strikes.

Get educated about borrowings

The twenties is the right time to start your education on borrowings because it is perhaps the most significant element of personal finance. Know different types of loans, understand the concept of interest, and learn about credit scores.

Different types of loans you should get acquainted with include overdrafts, mortgages, unsecured personal loans and commercial property loans.

You may need to borrow more than once, and awareness will help you make the right choices. It enables you to ensure that you take a loan only when you need it, get it at optimal interest rates, and protect your credit scores with timely repayments. Loans rarely feature in a list of tips on how to get rich quick, remember this.

Start saving for your retirement

Retirement seems like a distant thing when you are in your twenties, but you must start planning early. This way, you will have a bigger pool even if you start saving small. Start investing smartly, and make sure you diversify for the best returns and least risk. Seek expert guidance to pick the right investment model portfolios that keep your money safe and growing down the line.

Maintain a grip over your money

You may have a great job and a bright future. But nothing works unless you maintain a grip over your finances. Start in your twenties, and have complete records of your income, expenses, savings, and investments. Keep everything in writing, whether on paper or excel sheets. Create weekly budgets and follow them religiously. It is a good time to clean up your money habits, so start right now and continue forever.

The worst you can do is neglect money management books in your twenties and wait for your thirties. Starting early helps you get a head start and makes life a lot easier later when you have more responsibilities and less room to save.