4 Ways To Make Your Money Work For You

Monetary resources can be quite a handful to manage. With all the daily expenses you incur, sometimes you wish you could just earn easy money. If you’re feeling down and a bit frustrated with how slow-paced your savings are growing, perhaps you need to reassess your financial strategies.

You may have heard a piece of very famous advice from your entrepreneur friends, in which they always remind you to make the money work for you. But if you’re puzzled about what to do or how this concept works, let this post shed some light on your thoughts.

To begin mining more financial earnings into your account, consider the following methods that have proven to work for many people:

1. Invest in the stock market 

Investing in stock market is often viewed as requiring a lot of capital, but this isn’t the case. What’s true is it’s one vital means of growing and building your wealth. Sure, it can be risky and intimidating if you lack knowledge about it. But when you prepare enough and started investing in the stock market, you’ll fall in love with the idea of letting the money work for you. A mutual fund, individual stock, exchange-traded fund (ETF), and others can be used for investment. 

Stock market investments provide better returns than your savings account. Historically, the market has returned 10% on average in the long run. This amount of percentage can seem most unlikely for banks. You can’t make such a steady return on investments through any other financial mediums. In other words, you want to ensure that you’re investing your money as strategically as possible in the stock market so that it’d work for you.  

Investing in stocks could be a good method for you if you have some spare money which you can afford to not touch for 5 – 10 years. Look into your finances and see if there are any extra. Take them out and have them work for you by finding the best companies to invest in, or best funds to invest in, and allow that cash to grow over time. It’s best to learn more about the stock market before participating in it proactively. 

2. Save money on a bank account paying interest 

Choose a high-yielding interest for your savings account. Depending on your bank and the service they provide regarding your savings, choose the one that gives a higher annual percentage. The interest that the bank will give you is a decent amount that can already compensate for your other daily expenses. Hence, instead of keeping cold cash somewhere in your safe, deposit it in a high-yielding savings account. Opening a savings account can be done in just a few steps.

This should be a primary piece of advice given by any financial advisor you can find. If you don’t like risks, earning stable interest monthly is achieved through keeping your savings safely secured in your bank account. You must be aware that this doesn’t promise huge returns as the interest rates would sometimes fluctuate depending on the economy and other factors.  

Aside from savings accounts, ask the bank you’re using about their financial offerings that provide interest of some kind.

3. Engage in sidelines that earn passive income 

An essential part of making your money work for you is having passive income flowing in regularly. It’ll seem ideal if these sidelines don’t require much effort and time from you. If you look around, you might find business opportunities that’ll help you earn passive income. For instance, you can invest in real estate properties and earn rental fees.

4. Utilize credit cards that offer rewards 

Nowadays, many people are thankful for having credit cards. The reasons are plenty, and it’s not just about being able to save their cash for some time. One thing that makes people love these handy cards is their reward points system. Everyone loves free stuff. With your reward points, you can have cashback, discounts, free items, and even get to travel on the plane for free!  

Depending on your credit card provider, they have different promotional strategies and terms. You can choose the entity that’s most suitable for your lifestyle. The logic behind a credit card is to keep using them so you can earn more rewards. This is somewhat a winning strategy for you since you basically need to spend for your monthly consumption, so it’s better to use a card and receive points for doing so.

As a side warning, only use the card when purchasing necessary and valuable things for you. Avoid swiping them just to earn extra points as this will only result in additional and wasteful expenses.


Now that you’ve understood the different methods, all you need is to start and choose one strategy. Letting your money work for you will require time and patience, so don’t rush and wait for your rewards soon. Economics books explain that concepts such as risk-return and supply-demand hold over time but they won’t necessarily guarantee you a positive outcome within several weeks of investing a little bit of money. With a £1,000 investment or some free shares, you will only see steadier increases to your financial wealth over the longer term.