7 Ways To Start Investing With Little Money

Investments are an excellent tool for wealth maximization. You invest your money into an asset with the hope that its value will increase over time. Any investing book should make clear that you do not need much capital to get started and get involved. In this era, you can actually invest with little money.  

The cookie jar approach 

A common misperception with investing is that you need enough money to invest. This is not true; you can start with as little as $10. Before you invest, it is wise to accumulate some wealth solely for this purpose. The best method is to start saving from your daily life. You can make minor lifestyle adjustments to achieve this. You can adjust your budget to be more economical as well. Small things like this will help you save money.

This is where the cookie jar approach comes in handy. You can start keeping the money you save separately by depositing it in a savings account or a cookie jar.  

If you save a small amount, it will not affect your lifestyle too much, but you will have saved a lot within a year. You can use this money to make investments. Many students use this technique to save money while at college. If you want to know more about investing you can look at the investing essays on do my essay. Remember, though, that you’ll be better off placing savings in a bank account earning interest to protect its purchasing power from inflation (see definition).

Creating a high yield savings account 

A high-yield savings account is a little different from a traditional savings account. A high yield account can pay 20 times more than the regular savings account. You can use this account to not only invest with little money but also increase your overall savings. Most of these accounts do not require large deposits.

You can start with the minimum requirement and earn on them. Some banks provide rates as high as 6% to 7% on deposits. A regular savings account will have a rate between 0.05% to 0.1 %, which is significantly lesser than the high yield account.  This money will help to buy different assets but also can be used for any emergencies. These accounts are also available in online banks, making them a highly accessible option. 

The stock market 

When anyone hears about investments, they usually think about the stock market. Their second thought is that you need substantial capital to buy shares. You can read any latest investing money essay, and it will tell you that the market has significantly changed. As fractional and partial shares have become more common, people can buy them without having a large chunk of money. See how to invest £1,000 for an idea of what you can do with a smaller pot of savings.

In the case of a fractional share, you own only a part or a fraction of the share. This makes it more affordable and decreases the risk as well. By investing in these types of shares, people can diversify their portfolios while being on a budget.  

Technological advancements also help people to make a small stock investment. The advent of investment apps has resulted in fees-off traders and brokers going down significantly. The stock markets do have an element of risk associated with them however, and it can be tricky to decide what to invest in now.

Many investors have a low risk appetite and shy away from the stock exchange. These people can invest in government bonds as they are the safest debt securities to invest in. You receive coupon payments from them and have almost a 100% guarantee to get your money back. Mutual funds are another option; many investors’ finances are pooled together and used to buy securities like shares and bonds.  

Payroll deductions 

The concept of payroll deductions is simple. It means that a certain amount will be deducted from your paycheck regularly. Most employers give you the choice of where you want your salary deposited. You may choose to deposit it all in a checking account or use this payroll deduction method to deposit some into a savings account. By doing so, you will be able to save a hefty amount within a year.

For example, you get paid once a month, and each month $50 is deducted. After 12 months, you will have saved $600, and you can use this to buy or sell debt securities like shares, mutual funds, and bonds. So, if you need to free some time for yourself, ask an expert to do my research paper. Such help will always be available and make it easier for you to spend your time doing other things. 

Investment apps 

Technology has revolutionized every aspect of our world, and that includes the finance and banking industry. Nowadays, there are many investment apps available. These have made participating in the buying and selling stocks easier as they remove the costs incurred to hire brokers and for trading. Their accessibility, versatility, and affordability make them very popular among traders.

Most of these apps do not require large fees to start. You can start with savings as low as $5. You can read any investing finance essay, and you will learn that these apps gave major investing companies a run for their money. Many of them had to significantly decrease their fees in order to compete with these apps. 

Apps such as Yolt (read more: Yolt review) are helping people save effortlessly by generating insights about spending habits and gently nudging users into saving more.


Robo advisers are financial advisors that help manage your securities with minimum human interaction. They rely heavily on calculations and algorithms to help them create a forecast for stock performance and portfolios. Similar to apps, the Robo advisers are available online and require little initial funds. They teach you how to invest little money feasibly.

Although, most Robo advisers charge an annual fee, which is a percentage of the account balance. For example, Nutmeg is a Robo Adviser, and it charges a 0.25% annual fee on the total account balance. Other than the annual fee, these advisors usually do not have any other charges or fees. 

Low-cost businesses 

You do not need many funds to invest in a private business. Investing in unlisted business used to be the domain of private equity or venture capitalists. No more. Thanks to crowdfunding, this opportunity has become available to small investors.

Crowdfunding is similar to mutual funds; many people finance a low-cost business, which decreases the risk compared to investing solely in a single company. Crowdfunding has also made property investment (see books) a viable option for anyone with little money. Professionals from perfectessay.com can easily help with any kind of assignment for your college. 

Appraising investment options with a minimal amount to spend in the current technology-driven era is savvy as you need to see what’s happening around you by surfing on the web. You can use any amount of savings you have for wealth maximization by understanding all the different options at your disposal.  

A word of warning – investing in small companies and private companies in particular is a very high risk activity. Unlisted investments tend to be difficult to sell, and you may not be able to sell them for several years until exit events such as a major equity transaction or an IPO.

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