What Is Cardano?

Bitcoin is the first world’s crypto. Since it was engineered, many years have passed, and many other crypto assets have been created. Ethereum is always the number two crypto, following Bitcoin in all crypto rankings. Now that the Ethereum network is about to transition to the PoS protocol,  we will probably see ETH price growth. 

Numerous crypto assets are engineered with the thought to surpass Bitcoin and Ethereum or, at least, to offer features that BTC and ETH do not boast. For example, transactions on the Ethereum blockchain are costly and proceed slowly. On the contrary, the younger Cardano (ADA) project allows the same features that Ethereum offers – smart contracts supported network for decentralised applications deployment, but with a much higher speed and lower fees.

The Cardano project was founded in 2017. The developers aimed to create a blockchain focusing on fast transactions, compatibility with other platforms, throughput, and scalability. These are all the difficulties and drawbacks of the Ethereum blockchain.

ADA is the Cardano native crypto. It is meant for operations with smart contracts within the blockchain. The ADA crypto price is currently $0.5171 (August 2022), and the market capitalisation is $17,4. ADA crypto price at an all-time high was $3.10.

Wondering how to buy Cardano? Cardano ADA is traded on the following crypto exchanges:

  • WhiteBIT
  • Binance
  • Coinbase
  • KuCoin
  • Huobi
  • etc.

The ADA crypto price on these platforms is about the same, but the rate may differ. To check out the current rate in the market, you may use the Coinmarketcap resource. Please note that Financial Expert does not perform due diligence on crypto operators/exchanges or data sources linked to our articles. Please perform your own research.

Cardano crypto price prediction

Cardano Forecast believes the Cardano ADA rate will reach $1.65 – $2 by 2025. Financial Expert does not make price predictions on such speculative assets. Users from Reddit believe the asset would grow more than double its current rate and reach $1.8 by early 2023. The project is promising and has a lot of advantages even compared with such giants as Ethereum and Bitcoin, so it has some chance of succeeding and growing in the future.

Be aware when investing in cryptocurrency that you should only spend money you could afford to lose.