Tradu: A New Intuitive Yet Simple Trading Platform For The Active Investor

If you’re new to trading, or you consider yourself a seasoned trader, this new platform could be exactly what you’re looking for. Tradu is a new trading platform that brings together intuitive analysis tools, a wealth of learning resources and the ability to toggle between specialised platforms for each asset class. Topped off with 24/5 customer service in 15 languages, it’s designed to help traders everywhere get the most out of their experience in a bid to maximise potential profits.

How have they approached the development of the platform? Joe Harari, Tradu’s Software Programme Manager, shares all.

“The result is our current platform, which is built with the latest web technologies, has a completely new design and is significantly faster and more user-friendly. It doesn’t have a lot of bells and whistles, but gets the core things right: “How do I trade?”, “How do I open a Chart?” etc.”

He goes on to explain how user-friendly integrations have been incorporated into the platform.

“We’ve also reduced the need of users having to manually log in every time by building a brand-new state-of-the-art token system from scratch. Again, this has proved a massive success and significantly reduces friction – you just open the app and you’re logged in.”

It takes an average of 18 milliseconds to execute a trade, plus, you can use 106 different indicators and 37 drawing tools to refine your research and analysis. With Tradu, you’ll have invaluable insights at your disposal.

As well as making Tradu user-friendly, the sheer choice you have before opening a position means you’ll have endless avenues to go down. With more than 10,000 tradeable assets to choose from, the ability to craft your own, very personal, trading strategy couldn’t be more achievable.

So, what else helps Tradu stand out from other trading platforms? German division director, Kourosh Khanloo explains. “Everyone offers the likes of CFDs but combining this with other products and having it on one platform is pretty unique.” This is a key USP, allowing you to switch between trading indices, stock, crypto and more, all in one place while transferring your money from one account to another with ease.

And if crypto is an area you’re interested in, Thomas Felber, Tradu’s Crypto Product Director has more information.

“Our crypto platform begins with a spot exchange and derivatives, offering a range of order types – from market and limit orders to stop-loss and take-profit options. Clients can select from two fee models and benefit from trade execution costs as low as 5bps, thanks to institutional liquidity. We have plans to expand the platform, too, including additional services without compromising top-tier security measures or regulatory standards. And all customer funds and assets are 1:1 backed.”

Backed by Jefferies, a leading global investment firm, Tradu is a game-changing platform for traders everywhere. Leveraging user-friendly insights and tools, you can create a diverse trading portfolio that aids your potential in the trading space. Get the most out of each trade or investment you make and try out Tradu today.