St. Zelenskyy – Buy An Astonishing Artwork For Supporting Ukraine In The Midst Of War

The following press release is published by Financial Expert Media Ltd in support of Ukraine in the current violent conflict:

Considering that the whole world is terrified by Ukraine’s ongoing war, new NFT initiatives are springing up to raise funds for the country’s refugees and citizens. NFTs are increasingly demonstrating their worth by assisting organizations in raising much-needed funding.

The art world has been split by technology and the idea of non-fungible tokens. The majority of individuals still aren’t sure how to feel about it, but the truth is that the ability to collect money swiftly on blockchains is becoming crucial.

St. Zelenskyy – a great digital artwork created by Liliya Rattari is now available to be purchased on the website of At the moment of writing, the price of this digital painting is 10 ETH ($29,549.00).

Nowadays there are several ways to donate to Ukraine – many artists allow companies to use their paintings in order to aid the Ukrainian people and the state in the midst of the war.

The idea of St.Zelenskyy NFT and its main purpose

As the war between Russia and Ukraine becomes tenser, individuals have decided to help the Ukrainian people with good intentions. On the website of OpenSea you can find several types of digital artworks which are created for one good reason – to donate to Ukraine.

This precise digital artwork refers to the legend of St. George, who defeats the dragon. As told in the story of Saint George and the Dragon, a dragon that demanded human sacrifices was subdued by Saint George. According to legend, the dragon used to demand tribute from the peasants.

In the face of St. George, you can find Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the president of Ukraine, while at the place of the dragon head, you can find the President of Russia, Vladimir Putin.

As shown in the work, Zelensky, who is a symbol of a protector of his land – Ukraine and the Ukrainian people, symbolizes the kindness that will finally stop Putin’s bloody war.

IT should be noted that this digital work had a great response across the internet. One of the main platforms where the NFTs are discussed daily is Reddit. We’ve found that on Art subreddit, which is a community with 20.3 million members, St. Zelenskyy is among the top 3 digital artworks.

It should also be mentioned that the total amount of money that will be received from the sale of the artwork will be transferred to This is an official website created for a good cause – to support the Ukrainian people.

Another way to donate to ukraine

If you like the artwork created by Liliya Rattari, however, don’t have enough money to buy the artwork, you can visit which allows customers to buy St. Zelenskyy canvas prints or posters. The price of St. Zleneskyy canvas print ranges from $65-$135, while the poster price ranges from $30-$50.

Moreover, the website also furnishes visitors with an opportunity to buy St. Zelenskyy T-shirts and St. Zelenskyy iPhone cases.

Another option as well, is this website – Here, you can find the “choose an option” button and indicate a certain amount of money you wish to donate. This process is quite easy and straightforward. Donations range from $5 to $1,000.