Why Your Scaffolding Business Should Be Using Banners

Heras fence covers and scaffolding banners are types of printed banners and covers that are used to cover mesh fencing. This type of fencing is legally required on most construction sites and have become a go-to item for many sites where scaffolding is installed. If you think about the difference between scaffolding around a city centre building in the past, where everything was open and looked terrible, as opposed to now where they are covered with a bright, clean design and image, you can see the immediate benefits of installing heras fence netting and banners to cover scaffolding on any site.

Let’s take a look at why a scaffolding business should use banners to help cover scaffolding on construction sites and other projects.

A heras fence cover or a scaffolding banner consists of a printed banner that is made with pole pocket sleeves. This works to make installation really easy, with poles sliding through the pockets at the top and bottom allowing for scaffold banners to be attached to the scaffolding. Reinforced hems and robust materials are the go-to choice for scaffolding banners, especially where large banners are required for building wraps. This helps to add reinforcement and durability to the covers, lasting as long as they are required.

Why are scaffold banners needed?

If you consider what scaffolding looks like it isn’t that attractive. A building site with scaffolding around it provides the perfect location for the company developing the site, or the construction company or scaffolding company to advertise somewhere that has massive exposure potential within that locality. It is like ‘extra’ marketing potential where you would never have previously thought to market your brand or services.

Advertise the project or brand

Utilising the scaffold and adding a cover to it has a two-pronged effect. The first thing to say is that it is the perfect blank canvas to advertise on. Scaffolding is often high around an entire temporary structure, and this ensures that there is maximum visibility in the surrounding area. A development company will utilise this space to showcase the project being worked on behind the heras fence banners, but it can also use them to promote a specific products, service, or brand, or maybe promote the construction company or the scaffolding company.

Privacy and security

Alongside this, by its very nature, scaffolding banners protect the integrity of the workmanship and tasks going on behind it. A construction site can be a very messy affair, and if scaffolding is covering a building structure there might not be very much to see in the early stages. What this means is that the site can be unsightly to passers-by, whereas a banner can be used to cover all of this, providing privacy and security for the site. There is always a need for tight security around any construction site, 24 hours per day. With banners covering scaffolding, no one can see within. It also gives privacy to workers, allowing them to carry on with the tasks at hand.

Heras fence covers and heavy mesh banners

Mesh scaffold banners are the perfect solution for custom building wraps and the larger scaffolding installations you see on various construction projects. Mesh is ideal for these types of locations due to the fact there are thousands of tiny holes within the mesh, making it perfect to withstand the high winds that can speed through construction sites, causing potential havoc if the site is not prepared for it.

Allow light through

In some buildings where scaffolding is present for important maintenance work or for exterior decorating, it can be really difficult for those people who live and work inside the building. One of the benefits of mesh scaffolding covers is that it not only allows airflow through, increasing safety standards, but it also helps to allow extra light through. This reduces the inconvenience for the people inside the building.

Flexibility of use

Heras fence covers and mesh scaffold banners are flexible and versatile. There are so many different sizes and shapes of scaffolding and building that you can use these banners to cover. As a scaffolding company this ensures that you always have the right set of covers, whether you are promoting the scaffold business itself on the next project, or the project your scaffolding is being used on wants to promote itself by covering your scaffolding structure.

A scaffolding business should consider using banners to cover scaffolding structures within a wide variety of applications and site uses. Heras fence covers and building wraps provide excellent airflow for integrity, stability, and the safety of a structure, privacy, and extra levels of security for a construction site. It’s the perfect canvas to advertise and market your business or the project being worked on behind the banner.