Investing in Video Conferencing Could Pay Off

The modern world requires much effort to adapt to the circumstances constantly changing. It touches upon the conditions of work as well. So after the start of the pandemic and continuing with all the other obstacles that change our life today, people have found numerous alternatives for remote work and communication. But today the best are iMind conferences.

About iMind

To start with, it’s worth saying that the Mind company, being an owner of this video conferencing tool, has reached great success on its path. The cooperation with some of the best companies, patenting technologies in the USA, and being the company that organized the world’s most large-scale online training recorded at Guinness World Records 2012 – all make the company the one to consider seriously.

But it’s not only about the company in general. Their product for online meetings (iMind), has a great potential to compete with one of the most popular similar tools – Zoom. 

The main difference

Almost every person who has ever needed to communicate in a group remotely knows about Zoom and its limits in technical matters for free users. The iMind tool allows more comfortable and efficient functions for working at a distance:

  • up to 12 participants with video available and up to 100 in general;
  • ability to upsize a video of a particular person;
  • opportunity to share up to 12 screens simultaneously;
  • the process of recording doesn’t stop when the one who’s recording disconnects for a while;
  • the function of the visual authorization of a participant in a waiting room;
  • miniatures for recordings previews;
  • entering the collective room does not require authorization after you connected for the first time.

All these points are just a small part of all the multiple iMind functions that push the quality of remote meetings to the next level. 

Management books and consulting books both emphasise the need for excellent communication between layers of management and employees. The iMind tool could help to facilitate better conversations and more frank & open thought leadership within an organisation.

It’s improved

The iMind offers plenty of possibilities for both categories of users: the ones who use the platform free of charge and the ones who bought the plans for professional use. In the new, upgraded version, there were improved some interface issues to make the work more comfortable as well as added new options.

The main changes include the following points:

  • The maximum time available. People are already used to the fact that similar platforms offer only 40-minutes sessions for free. The iMind creators augmented this time up to 4 hours! So there’s no reason to worry if you’re going to be interrupted in the middle of a meeting. It’s the main change allowing people to use all the advantages of the tool in full.
  • Appointment of the roles for the participants. Valid only for the owners of the Pro and Business Plans. 
  • Branding along with customizable rooms. Change the design of the waiting room. 

With all the basic functionality and modern relevant updates, iMind becomes one of the top alternatives for remote work. And what’s the best – the tool is versatile for all the needs to appear. 

The best UK business books would agree that making careful investments and capital expenditure could improve the productivity of your business. Investing in video conferencing solutions could be one such investment.