Investing in the Top Gaming Companies on the Stock Market

Online gambling has been thriving spectacularly during the last couple of years. In 2021, the global online gambling market went over half a trillion dollars mark. Not only so, but this market has also been growing consistently above two digits every year. Such expansion also means that some companies achieved international recognition. Many of them increased their partnerships and put their names on the stock market.

Come with us and read about the most promising companies in one of the most promising markets this year.

The best players

Enlisting on the stock market through an IPO is a huge step for any company. The brands mentioned below are well-known to online gambling fans. They also appear in some of the best online casino platforms available, such as NetBet. Others are well-established brands in the video game world, with blockbuster titles on the belt. Check below where your best chances are in this niche.

Electronic Arts – EA

EA is among the most famous game developers worldwide. Its subdivision, EA Sports, is widely famous for its sports games, like FIFA, Live NBA, and other legendary franchises. The sports division is responsible for 70% of the company’s revenue. The rise of esports is among the main reasons for being optimistic about this company.

Take-Two Interactive – TTWO

Take-Two was founded in New York in 1993. The gaming market looked nothing like today back then. Anyway, the company quickly adapted to each technological breakthrough. Nowadays, it has partnered up with 2K and RockStar Games. It means the company is now behind franchises like Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K.

Zynga – ZNGA

Zynga is the brand behind some smashing social games, like Farmville, Words with Friends. It also provides many other games for online casinos, like slots, Slingo, poker, and more. The San Francisco-based company doesn’t have the cheapest shares in the market. Yet, its strong presence in social media platforms, like Facebook, make the investment worth considering.

DraftKings, Inc. – DKNG

DraftKings is the leading provider of fantasy sports betting. The company was acquired by Vegas Sports Information Network Inc, a content creator company. During the first trimester of 2021, DraftKings’ shares boasted a jaw-dropping increase of 253%. The software is gaining space in more online casinos. It’s currently available in seven countries, but it keeps expanding its reach.

Caesars Entertainment, Inc. – CZR

Caesars Entertainment owns one of the most traditional casinos worldwide: the Caesars Palace. In the first trimester of 2021, the company had a 259.2% increase in its revenue, compared with the same period in the previous year. Recently, the casino giant has bought William Hill, another giant from the sports betting sector.

Other players

The online gambling market is an incredibly vast one. The companies mentioned above are listed on NASDAQ. Yet, many other companies are worth considering. Keep an eye on the game developers Evolution Gaming, NetEnt, and Kambi. These are listed on the Stockholm Stock Exchange. Playtech is a giant game provider listed on the London Stock Exchange.

Investing in gaming companies

When learning how to invest in the stock market, you’ll pick up tips about diversifying your holdings to ensure that you are not too exposed to the risk of an individual investment performing poorer than average. It’s not possible to choose to invest in the best companies or best funds with certainty. Such judgements will always be grey areas and you will only know whether you make the right choice with the benefit of hindsight.