How To Make Money As A 12 Year Old

You have probably wondered how your 12-year-old child can earn money. By earning money independently, children learn responsibility as well as the value of hard and dedicated work.

One of the best ways is to open an account for them on BusyKid, which is the only one of the offers that do not require a minimum age for the child. 

Parents can create a credit card for their children in a matter of minutes, and children can save, spend, invest and donate money they earn. The best investing books for teens suggest investing with parents as a way to develop financial literacy – an essential skill in the modern age. There is a BusyPay option which allows third parties to make a payment with QR code.

For parents, this option makes life easier, at the same time it teaches them financial literacy, smart money management, and a set of skills that will make their kids’ life easier in the future. Making good use of these tools such as an investing app for kids is an excellent boost to their future.

We will provide you with a list of jobs a 12-year-old could do to earn money.

1. Household chores

It is a great thing to put the children on the payroll to do various household chores. This is a great way for them to earn extra money and increase their pocket money without having to leave the house. 

You can set all tasks and responsibilities within the BusyKid application, which can be customized for each child individually. Parents, in agreement with the children, set tasks and obligations that the children must fulfill in a given time. 

Children of this age can make grocery lists, wash dishes, clean the kitchen after dinner, wash and fold laundry, vacuum and mop floors, clean bathrooms, take care of pets and help younger siblings.

There are many ways to bring them closer to cleaning in a fun way, through a game, certain rewards, and benefits, or picking up pocket money if they complete the tasks on time.

2. Care of the garden in the summer period

If you have a garden or lawn, children can take care of it. Mow the grass, cut the hedge and take care of the plants in the garden. 

If the children want to do this work and enjoy spending time outside, you can help them make flyers and distribute them around the neighborhood. 

In this way, they can take care of the gardens and lawns of their neighbors, especially the elderly who are unable to do this work during the hot summer months. 

Every day, at least twice a day, children must water all the plants in the garden and take care of them, pulling grass and weeds that are not allowed to grow in the garden.

3. Babysitting

As 12-year-olds, they are old enough to babysit their siblings, relatives, and neighbors’ children. This is one of the most popular and widespread ways to earn money. 

If your children do well and love children, this is the ideal job for them. If your neighbors think that the children are too young to babysit on their own, they can entertain them and play with them when their parents are too busy. 

This is one of the jobs that your children can later list on their resumes when they apply for jobs as teenagers.

4. Tutoring

Children who are good students or ahead of their generation can tutor other children in various subjects they are good at. They can teach them math, languages, history, geography and many more.

5. Walking and taking care of neighbors dogs

If your children love animals, encourage them to offer their pet-sitting and dog-walking services every day. 

Many dog ​​owners do not have enough time to walk their pets every day, so this is an ideal opportunity for your child to earn extra money. Also, children can feed and take care of pets when neighbors are out of town or traveling. 

6. Selling the items they make

Children can also sell items they make themselves such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, artwork, and posters. Encourage them when it comes to this type of money-making because they may be shy at first. Encourage their creativity and imagination, children are small entrepreneurs, you just have to allow them to do so.

7. Video game testing

If your kids like to play video games there are various deals offering video game testing. 

Your kids can suggest changes, find flaws, point out mistakes and suggest some innovations within the game. 

Kids can earn money online by testing various video games, this is one of the better ways to earn money, especially for video game lovers.