How to Choose a Video Production Company

professional video production company should have experience creating various types of videos tailored to your specific needs and goals. Here are some key services to look for:

  • Pre-Production – This includes developing the creative concept based on your brand, writing scripts, storyboarding, location scouting, casting talents, and more. A thorough pre-production process sets the foundation for an effective video.
  • Production – During the shoot, the video production crew will bring your vision to life using techniques like camera work, lighting, audio recording, set design, and directing talents. Look for companies experienced in using industry-standard equipment to achieve high production value.
  • Post-Production – The editing process is crucial for refining the storyline, pacing, graphics, visual effects, color correction, and more. Professional post-production elevates your video and makes it share-worthy. Many companies also offer animation and motion graphic services.
  • Distribution – A video production company should have strategies to help distribute your video across platforms like YouTube, social media, website, paid ads, email marketing, and more. They can optimize videos for each platform to drive views and engagement.
  • Strategy – Experienced companies move beyond just executing your vision to strategizing how video can support wider marketing and business goals. They should offer consulting on best practices to maximize your video ROI.

The company’s expertise across the production pipeline is key for creating polished, high-quality videos tailored to your brand and audience. Prioritize companies with end-to-end capabilities.

Pricing Considerations

When evaluating video production companies, pricing is often a major factor in deciding which provider to choose. However, it’s important to look beyond just the base cost and consider what is included in the pricing packages. Some key pricing factors to consider include:

Production Costs

The production costs cover the core video shoot and editing. This includes the videographer and editor’s time, equipment costs, and any related expenses for the actual filming process. For a high-quality video, expect to pay at least $2,000-$5,000 for a 3-5 minute explainer or brand video. More complex shoots with extensive graphics, animation, on-location filming, or a large crew can cost $10,000-$30,000+.

Scripting and Storyboarding

The upfront planning and creative development is often charged separately. Expect to pay $500-$2,000 for professional scripting and storyboarding of the video content.

Revisions and Edits

Most packages include 2-3 rounds of revisions in post-production. However, additional edits or re-shoots can add $500-$2,000+ to the total project cost. Clarify how revisions are handled to avoid surprise charges.

Custom Graphics and Animation

If your video requires a high degree of custom motion graphics, typography, diagrams, animations, etc., expect to pay at least $500 per graphic/scene created. Quality animation can significantly enhance a video but also increases the budget.

Talent and Crew

For videos featuring on-camera hosts and talent, you may need to budget an additional $500-$2,500 per on-screen personality. Larger shoots may also require extra camera operators, lighting techs, makeup artists, and production assistants, which can add $2,000-$5,000 per day.

Overall, for a professional, high-quality video, plan for an average budget of $5,000-$20,000. However, costs can vary widely based on the length, complexity, and production needs of your specific video. Discuss your budget and goals with potential video partners to find the best fit.

Getting Started

All the research and review in the world won’t make video production magic happen on its own. At some point, you have to take that first step and reach out to hire a video company. Here are some tips to help make that initial contact and hiring process go smoothly:

  • Have a clear idea of what you want to accomplish with video content and the types of videos you need produced. This will help companies understand and bid on your project accurately. Define your goals, target audience, timeline, budget range, and anything else relevant upfront.
  • Provide a complete creative brief to share all necessary details about your project and reduce back-and-forth. Include specifics on video length, style, tone, scripting, visuals, branding, and more. The more the production team knows, the better.
  • Request bid samples or sample videos relevant to your project so you can see the company’s work quality and style. Even if pricing seems fair, ensure you like their actual video product before moving forward.
  • Ask about turnaround time so you can plan accordingly. Video production involves multiple steps from pre-production planning to filming, editing, reviewing, and final delivery. Understand the full timeline.
  • Review packages and custom options to find the best video production value. You may get more for your budget choosing a bundled package over a la carte pricing.
  • Compare bids from 3-5 video companies to find the right balance of quality, expertise, pricing, and responsiveness. Don’t just default to the lowest quote.
  • Check references and read video production reviews to confirm a company consistently delivers excellent work on time and on budget.
  • Trust your instincts. You want an enthusiastic, responsive team who “gets” your brand and video goals. Clear communication and good chemistry matter.

With the right research and preparation, finding a stellar video production partner for your brand videos, explainers, and other video content needs feels totally doable. Reach out and start making video magic happen.

Trends to Watch

Video content and production is constantly evolving as new technologies emerge and viewing habits change. Some notable trends to keep an eye on include:

  • Rise of vertical video optimized for mobile devices. Vertical videos take advantage of the tall, narrow screens of phones and can lead to higher view completion rates. Brands need to consider vertical formats when commissioning videos.
  • Live streaming video continues to grow. Platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch are seeing more live streamed content. The immediacy and connection of live video appeals to viewers. Brands can use live streaming for product launches, behind-the-scenes looks, Q&As and more.
  • Augmented reality and 360 degree video open new creative possibilities. By blending digital effects with real footage, AR allows brands to create immersive, visually stunning videos. 360 video places viewers at the center of the action. These take more specialized equipment but deliver a wow factor.
  • Short form video thrives with apps like TikTok and Reels. Quick videos under 60 seconds with catchy visuals or music perform well on these social platforms. Brands need compact, creative concepts to succeed.
  • Videos optimized for voice search and smart speakers. People increasingly engage with videos through voice commands via devices like Amazon Alexa. Brands should create descriptive video titles, captions, and metadata.
  • Rise of subscription streaming opens new video avenues. Platforms like Netflix have changed how people consume video. There are opportunities for product placement and branded entertainment.

Keeping pace with video trends allows brands to maximize their resonance and engagement. Partnering with an experienced video production company is key to fully leveraging these trends.


As we’ve covered, video content continues to grow in importance for businesses of all sizes. The ability to tell compelling stories through video that connect with audiences makes it an extremely valuable marketing tool.

Investing in high-quality, custom video content from a professional production company can pay dividends. Videos help capture attention, explain products and services, engage website visitors, and boost conversions.

Key takeaways include:

  • Video builds brand awareness and connects on an emotional level with viewers. Videos that tell a story or provide useful information are highly shareable.
  • Explainers, testimonials, product demos, and other strategic videos target key audiences and move them through the sales funnel.
  • Professional production delivers polished videos optimized for various platforms. Experienced companies handle all aspects from concepting to distribution.
  • Carefully vet production companies based on industry expertise, creative portfolio, client reviews, and pricing structure. Look for custom packages to fit your budget and needs.

In closing, video content is a smart marketing investment compared to many other tactics. Videos provide lasting value and continue working for your brand 24/7. As platforms like YouTube thrive, audiences expect video and respond positively to motion-based storytelling. Partnering with the right video production company sets the stage for creative success.