Have You Suffered a Road Traffic Accident in Which You’re Injured?

To qualify for a road traffic accident claim, you must have been hurt in the past three years, and the accident also must have been someone else’s fault. Victims of accidents over 18 years old are eligible to make a compensation claim in the next three years from the accident date.

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Understanding the impact of a road accident 

A road traffic accident can have adverse effects on someone’s life. Besides the fact that you’re physically hurt, you might also experience mental health issues. The shock of being suddenly and unexpectedly injured in a road accident is vast, leaving a person incapable of thinking logically. Their lives might be permanently changed, and they even experience further health complications. Understandably, you need support, and thus, you might be eligible for compensation. Contacting a personal injury lawyer might be the best solution at the moment, depending on the severity of your injuries caused due to the road accident. It’s an event that can have a full impact on your work life, private life, and your future.

Whether the effects are temporary or permanent, making a claim can help make things right. 

If you are a passenger who has been hit in a road traffic collision or experienced an accident on public transport, it’s obvious you need support. Thus, you may be entitled to compensation. You could suffer a public transport accident in many ways, as there are different types of public transport. You could be hurt in an accident on a bus, train, or taxi. Whether the driver of the car or the third party is at fault, you are eligible to claim the injuries you’ve sustained. 

Some third parties have the responsibility of taking care of you. Generally, road users owe the obligation to take care of one another, acting to decrease the risk of accidents that could cause someone injuries. If the bus driver you were travelling with owes the duty of care and produces a road traffic accident in which someone results injured, make a claim. Don’t wait for second thoughts; it’s your right and responsibility to make a claim and fight for your civil liberties. 

Besides, those who control public places must ensure they maintain the safety of the spaces to avoid the risk of an injury. But if they don’t admit their fault, you have all the reasons to make a claim. 

But keep in mind that you must prove that negligence was the cause of your injuries. It’s a vital aspect when claiming for an accident. Thus, three conditions can be applied for you to be able to make a claim, including:

  • The third-party must have the responsibility of care
  • The obligation must have been breached
  •  The break of duty must have caused you injuries

To learn more about this, please make sure you contact an advisor using these details. They can answer any question, including whether you are eligible or not to make a compensation claim. 

Claiming Compensation for a Personal Injury 

If you’d like to take legal action against someone, as they’ve caused you injuries, you must take advice from a personal injury lawyer. But do it as soon as possible, as there are strict time limits (mentioned above). The most common claim in an individual injury case is negligence: court proceedings must be presented within three years since the accident has happened. In some exceptional cases, the court might decide to extend the time limit, depending on the severity of your injuries. Also, bear in mind what you speak to any of the parties involved in the accident. Anything you’ll say might eventually be used against you. So, it’s advisable that you only talk with your lawyer. 

You can take legal action to compensate for your injuries, but it can be expensive sometimes. Luckily, you can get support with legal costs from an insurance policy. However, insurance companies can be tricky, as they might come with an offer that might not be reliable, considering the severe injuries you’ve suffered. So, it makes sense to refuse it, no matter how tired and confused you feel. Unless you take advice from a reliable and experienced solicitor, it’s recommended not to accept the proposal your insurance company’s agent offered you. 

You may, however, make a conditional fee agreement with your lawyer – to not pay fees if they don’t win the case, for example. But it’s different, depending on the state to state. Some lawyers might ask you to accept the agreement your insurance company suggests you. If the case is a success, your lawyer’s fees and other additional expenses will be paid by the other party. 

Selecting a Lawyer

If you want to take legal action against someone who may have caused you injuries due to a road traffic accident, consult someone who has the accreditation to deal with your case. Each case is different; thus, it requires a different approach. Choosing the right lawyer to represent you in court will guarantee the success of your case. 

Understandably, suffering an accident is daunting, especially when injuries are involved. When you first talk to a lawyer about your injuries and how to make a compensation claim, it might seem like a huge burden to deal with. Indeed, it’s hard to recover from an accident. But following these steps might cover everything you need to do in the event of a road accident:

  • Report the accident (right away)
  • Gather evidence (as much as possible)
  • Contact a lawyer (a knowledgeable one)
  • Make a claim

Will your injury claim be successful? Most people know that their claim might not be successful, significantly, if they aren’t injured or no one else caused the accident. The thought that you might lose your case is scary. If you consider the steps above, you’ll significantly increase your chances of success with your claim.