Great Books on Finance & Economics for Students

Are you a student and want to be on the path of development in financial and economic terms? We offer you books that can help you in this case. If you need to edit an essay on this topic, then proofreading services are at your service. Well, let’s see what books a beginner should choose.

Yevhen Chernyak “Big money. Principles of the first »

A motivational book for anyone who aspires to leadership and success. A well-known entrepreneur who teaches to love customers and fight competitors, reveals the secrets of people who have reached Olympus in the financial market. Many of them, perhaps, the reader has never heard. After all, not everyone likes to talk about their successes and finances. But not this time. The veil of secrecy is opened. Principles that rich people work by. Rules, the observance of which step by step will help to come to the same “big money”.

At first glance, it may seem that “Big money. Principles of the first “is a book only about finances. In fact, it is a book about those people who know how to earn, invest, multiply. About what helped them achieve independence and recognition. The book will be useful for both businessmen and those who have already reached certain heights in the economy.

Kotler Philip “Marketing from A to Z. 80 concepts that every manager should know”

The Financial Times has included it in the top 50 finance books that everyone should read.

Philip Kotler has been a professor of economics and finance at the most prestigious universities in Europe and the United States for many years. He also advises large corporations. He systematized his knowledge in a course of lectures on marketing in the age of the Internet and advertising on a global scale. Tactics, strategies, tips for attracting new customers, opportunities to minimize costs, the borrowed base of regular customers.

The book “Marketing from A to Z” can be considered the Bible of every manager or marketer. Everything that may be of interest on the topics of economics, finance and marketing for work is arranged in alphabetical order. Each concept is divided into areas. The book is easy to read, take notes, study.

The most well-known problems of man in the 21st century, which he faces in the process of creating and developing a business, can be easily solved using a direct guide to action, set out by Philip Kotler. If you still do not know which book to read on economics – stop your choice on “Marketing from A to Z”.

Masao’s whales “Samurai without a sword”

Biographical story of a peasant Hideyoshi, who managed in the troubled times of wars between different lands in Japan not only to survive but also to become the ruler of a united country. This is the story of a leader who “made himself” and is ready to share secrets with our contemporaries in how to be the first. A vivid story of the life of Hideyoshi – weak physically by nature, not attractive in appearance, and financially poor man, who achieved everything through perseverance, education and self-knowledge.

Did he make mistakes? The reader will understand that “yes”. After all, it is impossible to go to success without failure. But if you focus on failures – there is no chance of success. Confidence and optimism are two qualities that a leader must possess. And yet – a constant desire to learn. Not necessarily for books. Take the experience of other people, communicate with successful people.

“Samurai without a sword” is not an art book. This is the code of commandments of the samurai leader, who believes that one can become a winner without war and struggle. The path of a warrior is not humiliation or cruelty. And the secret of leadership is that … there are no secrets. Lack of pessimism and self-belief help to reach the highest heights.