Divorce and Money: How Finances Affect Divorce Rates in America

Relationships turbulence either clear out things and strengthen the couple or lead to divorce. Among the top reasons for marital arguments, one can name financial issues. The research among American couples proves that financial problems cause divorce less frequently than infidelity but more often than any other relationship hurdle.

Check out how finance-related issues can make you bring your marriage to the end. Analyze your own relationships and work out suitable solutions or prepare for divorce in advance.

Views on finances

Different views on finances, in general, can easily make your search for online divorce papers Oklahoma eventually. It covers everything from your daily expenses up to long-term planning and creating a family budget.

There is no need to wait for you to get married before you can talk about your attitude to money. It is highly recommended to have a serious discussion first to know that you are financially compatible with your future partner. Plus, you can have a couple of consultations with a financial counsellor so that you can handle the family budget and control your finances well in cooperation with your spouse.

Financial plans and priorities

Having no common approach to financial plans and priorities may ruin your family’s peace as well. You may be oriented at saving to make significant purchases such as a car or house, while your spouse may want to live the moment and spend more on satisfying the current needs and wishes. This will lead to frequent arguments unless you can find a compromise. Anyway, what is the point of marital relationships if you have no common plans for your future, including financial ones?

Financial cheating

It is not only the regular infidelity that ruins couples but financial cheating causes serious marital disorders, too. This implies having separate secret bank accounts, making secret purchases, hiding income details, and so on. Being unfair to your spouse in any way mismatches the principles of a strong marriage meaning your relationship will hardly survive such behaviour.

Spending habits

Bad habits can be a serious troublemaker for your marital life. Certain spending habits can also result in causing severe arguments and lead to breakups. For example, a spouse may have a tendency to impulsive purchases or shopping addiction in general, or your partner may always buy something that doesn’t fit your budget.

Having no spending rules or failing to follow them will ruin your family’s peace frequently. Your task is to create and nurture a spending culture in your family so that both adults and kids can handle their finances efficiently.

There are a number of therapy options available for treating shopping addiction. Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most effective methods. This type of therapy can help people identify and change the thoughts and behaviors that contribute to their addiction.

Sharing bank accounts

Contrastly to separate secret accounts, joint accounts may be the point to argue on. There may be discussions on how much each spouse commits to the account and how much they spend, whether the account is for saving or for daily spending, and whether you have to discuss your intentions with your partner before using funds from a shared account or choose on your own, etc. Failing to find a compromise on how to handle a shared bank account may result in constant marital turbulence and divorce in the end.

Unexpected expenses

Unexpected major expenses are a severe challenge for a couple. In case of disease, car accident, or abrupt moving, you may have to spend a big sum of money without any options. If you have some savings, then it will be less stressful for you to cover the expenses you haven’t predicted. But if you hardly make the ends meet, have debts, and other financial hardships, the necessity to find and spend a fortune here and now can grant you stress, anxiety, and arguments with your partner on how to manage the situation in the best suitable way.

Financial dependency

The majority of British couples live in financial dependency and treat it as a common situation. This implies one partner is a breadwinner while another cares about the household and children. In most cases, spouses are happy with a similar situation. But it sometimes happens that the breadwinner complains or highlights their dominance in the relationship and seems to have more rights to manage finances which leads to arguments. The situation can be the opposite when the dependent spouse may be unhappy with an inequitable position in the marriage and have the desire to change things and this will cause marital turbulence in the outcomes.

Economic stability

The obvious fact is that a couple lacking economic stability is more likely to argue over finances. Whether you are not confident about your financial future, have no steady income, amass debts, and more, you will experience arguments over finances with a high frequency. This will decrease general marital satisfaction and spoil your life leading you to terminate your marriage for the good.


Arguments over finances are reported to lower marital satisfaction and ruin relationships around the US quite often. In most cases, financial hardships are to be treated as any other challenge for a couple. This means that if you have firm relationships, you can work hard and find a suitable solution to the problem. But if your marriage is lacking quality in general, financial difficulties will lead you only to the logical end eventually.