Blog Update: January 2021

This is Financial Expert‘s blog update series, where I bring you up to speed on everything happening on or around the investing blog. Whether it’s brand new content, zany ideas or projects in the pipeline, you’ll hear about it here first.

In this month’s round-up:

  • New book pages (shelves and shelves)
  • Tree planting campaign begins to grow
  • Record-breaking visitor figures
  • Crypto mania hits home
  • Surprising popularity

New book pages

The website gained over 20 new pages this month, each dedicated to a fascinating niche of finance books. For a full list of genres, see this comprehensive list).

More book categories than you can handle…

These book pages fit into four families of pages; here’s a selection:

Tree planting campaign begins to grow

If you haven’t been following my tree planting campaign – now is the time to begin. has set the ambitious goal of planting 10,000 trees by 31/12/22. That’s roughly 400 trees per month, or one tree planted for every 25 visitors.

I’ve partnered with Ecologi, who collect and direct funding to various projects around the world, and give a rigorous account as to the number of trees planted and tonnage of carbon offset.

The funding for the trees is coming from three sources:

  1. A personal monthly subscription to Ecologi
  2. Referral awards of 30 bonus trees for each new member I refer.
  3. One-off purchases of trees using display advertising income

Record-breaking visitor figures

January 2021 was the first month where recorded over 400 visits in a single day.

I’m delighted with those figures, and I’m equally optimistic about what the future holds. I am quietly confident that by the close of 2021, Financial-Expert will attract over 1,000 visits per day.

Crypto mania hits home

Of course, the Bitcoin frenzy really hit a peak in terms of frenzy in January 2020.

Read more: The best cryptocurrency books & is bitcoin a good investment.

In my bitcoin article above, I explain that bitcoin is not a good long term investment, and would not be a sensible addition to a pension fund. It is a higher risk asset which is closer to gambling than investing, in that sense.

With that mindset, I invested a modest sum and realised a profit of £2,000 in January 2021. This doesn’t change my mind as to whether Bitcoin is a sensible investment. You should only invest what you are fully prepared to lose.

Surprising popularity

January was a month in which some pages on my website suddenly began attracting higher amounts of traffic. Some of these pages were written early in 2020, and for unknown reasons have only now begun to get traction in the search engines.

These articles include my guide on how to get free shares. My simple overview of the main asset classes, and how to become an investor.

Whilst I cannot explain why this month was suddenly their time to shine, I’m glad that these articles are now being read every day by new investors. They’re useful guides and I hope they help others learn about investing.

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