The Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin

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If you feel like investing in bitcoin is a good option for you, then starting with Bitcoin (BTC) investment is a great option. BTC is the mother of all other cryptos since it was first to hit the market. It’s no wonder why the others are called altcoins.

Whether you have money to buy the initial BTC or not, there are numerous options to help you get started. According to experts, most of these ways to earn free Bitcoin work while a few might be just another crypto scam.

So, when looking for the best way to earn Bitcoin, you need to research well to understand how each work and the pros and cons to help you make the right decision. This article shares the top legit ways to earn extra Bitcoin into your account.

Risk warning: Cryptocurrency investments are high risk and speculative investments. The value of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin can go up or down and could conceivably drop to close to zero. Keep your head and only spend money you are prepared to lose. This article is journalistic research and is not financial advice. We have not performed due diligence on any organisations mentioned or featured in this article therefore take plenty of care.

The Best Ways to Earn Bitcoin

The best ways to earn Bitcoin

Bitcoin trading

Since the inception of the crypto, trading the coin has been the best way to earn Bitcoin. As a beginner, you need to master how trading is done to optimize profits. It involves buying BTC and waiting for the right time to sell it at a high price to make a profit.

Experienced crypto enthusiasts may have mastered the trend and know the right time to buy and sell to get free BTC. But if you are new, make use of crypto trading tools and experts to help you make profitable decisions. Check out our guide on how to invest in cryptocurrency for useful tips on how to actually get hold of crypto.

Bitcoin staking

Do you want to lend your Bitcoin to various blockchains and earn rewards in return? Crypto staking is giving out your crypto for use in the blockchain and then getting rewarded for it. The rewards might be in the form of free BTC deposited in your account on a weekly basis or access to certain programs such as BTC airdrops.

Whether or not you can use a cryptocurrency for staking is one of the factors you may use to decide the best cryptocurrencies to invest in.

Staking is available on BTC blockchain and many other platforms that work together with BTC. So, if you are looking for another best way to earn Bitcoin, try this option. It is a great way to earn passive income. Even the best Bitcoin exchange-traded funds don’t provide ‘interest’ in the form of bitcoin.

Bitcoin savings account

Another best way to earn Bitcoin is to get Bitcoin savings to account from a reliable platform to earn interest on the coins you deposit. Saving Bitcoin yields an annual percentage yield that could go as high as 5% on reliable platforms such as YouHodler. This platform is one of the best and easiest-to-use platforms whether you are a newbie or not.

If you are interested to know how to earn interest on Bitcoin, visit the YouHodler website or others like it and get a Bitcoin interest account to get started. They pay the interest on a weekly basis although it is earned every day on a compounded basis. We have not performed due diligence on any organisations featured in this article.

Join Bitcoin affiliate marketing

Learning how to get free Bitcoin through affiliate marketing is another good way to earn Bitcoin. You get paid for increasing the popularity of Bitcoin and increasing transactions as well. If you have built a remarkable social media profile, thriving streaming media channel, or have an active blog, you can mention Bitcoin and get paid for the effort.

How the affiliate program looks depends on the Bitcoin affiliate program you join. The authors of the best crypto books often have some connection to one affiliate scheme or another. So, be sure to pick a program that suits you or matches your active job such as vlogging or blogging. According to experts, BTC affiliate marketing can earn you Bitcoin to help you kickstart active trading, staking, or any other activity.

Write for Bitcoin websites

If you are still looking for the best way to earn Bitcoin, you could write for Bitcoin blogs, trading platforms, and other digital platforms and get paid for it. Surprisingly, some of these websites pay well, especially if they want well-researched content like this article. The good thing is that you can write on a freelance basis so that you get enough time to try other Bitcoin earning options like saving your proceeds to earn bitcoin interest.

Writing is educative because it involves a lot of research and consultation with experts. Most writers gain skills that help them become better when they start other Bitcoin-earning ventures.

Work and accept Bitcoin as payment

Some musicians already accept Bitcoin as payment for their albums, and so do some prominent business people and service providers. Once you get Bitcoin in your digital wallet, you can hold it on a trusted platform to earn interest as you wait for the right time to sell.

Therefore, this is the best way to earn Bitcoin for people who receive large payments for services rendered or goods sold. Give it a chance and you will enjoy the fruits later.

Conclusion – the best way to earn bitcoin?

Have you been looking for the best way to earn Bitcoin? You now have some legit options that are not only easy but fun to engage in. Try one or more today and you will enjoy the fruits they yield, especially if you choose a platform that is legit and practice all crypto investment precautions.