The Most Popular Articles on Financial Expert

This month, Financial Expert is celebrating a year since its July 2019 refresh.

The result was a total transformation of the site from a simple investing blog, to an investment portal.

A decade in the making: here’s a look back at the site in 2010

I wanted to rebuild the site to function in three different ways:

I wanted to offer investing courses to beginners who are seeking knowledge about investing in the stock market.

I wanted to help people find a financial adviser in the UK who can provide them with expert advice tailored to their circumstances.

Finally, I wanted to help visitors compare stockbrokers and investing platforms by pointing to some of my favourites and highlighting how best to compare different providers.

I hope that the new homepage design really reinforces this new focus on these three key areas:

Financial Expert Homepage
A simpler focus

I thought I’d use this article to take a trip down the key content from the last year, and explain why I think these are some of the most popular articles on the blog.

How to invest in shares

How to invest in shares is the best and original ‘how-to’ guide on Financial Expert.

How to buy shares

In the refresh, I condensed the content and created simple ‘Guide at a Glance’ boxes which summarise the key steps to investing in shares and funds.

I’m a firm believer that shares and corporate bonds make excellent core holdings in most investment portfolios. Therefore, it follows that I should focus most of my writing efforts on the guide to investing in the stock market.

The 10 best investing books

The 10 best investing books was my attempt to connect visitors with a wide variety of authors.

The 10 best investing books

I don’t claim to have a monopoly on the best finance content. Authors have collectively added so much to the global knowledge based on investing. I believe it’s worth being an active reader of both online and offline content to get the broadest content.

How to invest in property

After stocks, shares and bonds, property is the most popular form of investment.

While the prices of residential stock in the UK is no longer surging with 5% increases seen during the ten years from 2010 – 2020, everyone is still keen to jump on the housing ladder.

It’s natural to want to invest in land and own a piece of the world, that you can finally call your own. A place for contemplation. A place where you’re in (relative) control.

How to invest in property

This is why I believe my guide to property investment is still very relevant for visitors today.

Investing Risk Appetite Questionnaire

Our guide to learning about your investment risk appetite was one of the most surprising causes of traffic to the website in the past year.

By distilling investing risk characteristics into a simple quiz format, I believe that we’ve provided a very accessible route into a topic which all investors to should consider.

Web traffic grew by over 500% in the year to July 2020, so here’s to another sterling year for Financial Expert!

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