7 Ways To Create an Omnipresent Marketing Strategy for Your Business

Omnipresent marketing is a fantastic way to reach out to prospective customers in a holistic fashion. Here, we take a look at what omnipresent marketing means and how you can create an omnipresent marketing strategy that works well for your business. This should encompass a few different strategies, including inventive social media content, collaborations with influencers and others in your industry, as well as brand consistency through your offline marketing when booklet printing and other branded materials.

What is omnipresent marketing?

It is an approach where you are looking to communicate with prospective customers in a natural way over time, across multiple channels and in different forms. Learning how your customer profiles think and operate will help you to formulate specific marketing plans to target each type of customer profile. Reaching out through different channels and in different forms covers a lot of bases for a business, but for a company to be successful at it you must have brand consistency across all the content you deliver, whether it’s a video with captions on a social media platform, or a printed booklet that’s in the hands of a person at an industry event.

Why should you use omnipresent marketing?

Omnipresent marketing is a good idea and effective for a business because it casts a wide net to find potential leads and future customers. For small and growing businesses especially, it is important to give yourself a broad chance of gaining new customers, whether it’s through utilising an online booklet printing service to promote your materials in branded offline marketing techniques or pushing the latest TikTok trend and making fools of your employees in a short, funny video online.

Omnipresent marketing brings a wealth of benefits to a business, including:

·         Increased brand awareness

·         Promoting your brand as an authority

·         Increased leads and sales

·         Higher rates of customer satisfaction

How do I make omnipresent marketing work for my business?

There are a few ways in which you can create the perfect omnipresent marketing strategy for your business.

Reach your audience where they are – the whole idea about omnipresent marketing is that you are everywhere at once. You need to research your prospective and current customers and find out where they are most likely to be reached. This could mean targeting certain customer profiles through newspaper and radio advertising, or other traditional means such as printed booklets and brochures. If some customers are more likely to find you scrolling through Instagram and TikTok, make sure you have an active, creative profile that fits your brand and entices those customers.

Have an interactive website – the way customers interact with brands continues to evolve. The old-fashioned business card-style business websites no longer cut the mustard when you are trying to connect with potential customers. Every business book you read suggests building a website, and also ensuring that you are well linked to all your social media platforms, have an interesting blog with authoritative content that is regularly updated, and a clear pathway to enquire and make purchases is the only way to be effective.

Be consistent with your communication – the idea of omnipresent marketing is to ensure that you have consistent branding throughout the multiple channels you are working in. Your customers might interact through multiple channels. If the interaction with your brand doesn’t feel the same on all platforms there is a good chance you’ll lose that customer to a competitor.

Create networks with non-competitors – collaboration is a fantastic way to get your brand to a wider audience. A creative way to look at communicating with a potential new customer base is to reach them in other places, in non-competing industries where you could collaborate with other brands, and have joint promotions.

Make the most of social media trends – you need to be on top of the latest social media trends. Curating content that speaks to the masses at the time that a certain trend is hot is vital to keep your brand and company relevant in the eyes of the wider public. Your marketing team need to be across all platforms, understanding what’s hot and what’s not.

Work with an influencer – influencer marketing is a good way to get your product and services in front of a massive audience. Influencers have great clout when it comes to promoting brands. Whether it’s a celebrity promoting your products on their Instagram live or inviting a reviewer to test your new product before they are released, there are some options to make your brand pop to a wider audience.

Engage and communicate – whatever you choose to do with your omnipresent marketing strategy you must be consistent with how you engage and communicate with your customers. Whether they are leafing through a printed booklet with your latest product range or watching your staff dance to the latest TikTok craze, there must be real engagement and clear communication at all times, with a consistent brand image portrayed on all channels.

Putting together a coherent and effective omnipresent marketing strategy for your business takes time and expertise. There are ways in which you can perfectly combine both your online and offline marketing techniques, ensuring that you find a good online booklet printing service and solutions for your offline branded content.