6 Intriguing Investment Ideas for 2023

Imagine investing your money without receiving any returns. 

Nobody wants to waste time and money on a business venture only to record losses, but such losses occur often in the world of real investments with real risk. While some investors are unlucky with choosing the right investments, others are investing the right way and building wealth. 

In this article, we’ll share some investment options for individuals and businesses that plan to expand their finances.

Keep reading to uncover some potentially profitable investments in 2023. Though keep in mind that any investment returns are not guaranteed and the highest returns are only on offer when you place your money at real risk. Many of the investment options below could lose money in 2023.


Six interesting investment ideas for 2023

As the world continues to evolve into a global village, almost every individual plans to invest. The central question is usually how and what to invest in. The wide range of investment options often confuses new and seasoned investors.

Here are the range of investment options for 2023:

1. Buy a golf course


Investing in real estate is a common saying among investment experts. Though unpopular, golf courses are a big part of real estate investing. 

Buying a golf course differs from regular real-estate investments, like rental housing and property development. It’s a capital-intensive venture that needs a lot of attention. The business will need a powerful social influence to make it an excellent investment option. 

Even if you don’t have a strong social influence, you still have a spot in this business.

Over 66.6 million individuals play golf worldwide, and a greater part of that (about 25.1 million) reside in the United States. This means there’s a potential for long-term revenue. A typical golf course makes up to $5 million annually, depending on how you manage it. 

However, it will cost a fortune to own an entire 18-hole golf course, it will cost you a fortune. On average, a golf course costs about $14 million to develop. Buying a golf course is a long-term investment that will earn you a fortune when you do it right. Before making this investment, you need to learn how to buy a golf course

There are numerous factors to consider if you’re thinking of buying a golf course. 

2. Invest in startups

Startups are the fortune-500s of the future, they may seem small, but if their leaders manage them properly, they will yield with time. 

Finance experts often recommend that investors make small investments in startups. It’s an excellent way for business enthusiasts to diversify their portfolios. 

Investing in startups will take some time to yield profit. On average, a successful startup takes 2-3 years to start making a profit. The primary risk is your funds won’t come back to you if the startup fails. There are instances where founders elope with the money investors put into the business. 

Still, for some investors, the potential profits from startup investment could outweigh the risks

3. Buy art pieces

Buying art pieces is another great investment idea for 2023. Art pieces increase in value with time. Plus, they are generally not affected by the rise and fall of stocks or other fluctuating factors. Several art dealers buy and keep art pieces for a few years, and resell them after their value appreciates. 

The amazing part of art pieces is that their prices differ. There’s always an art piece that suits your budget, you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a good piece. 

However, the best buys are art pieces that are pricey as their resale value increases after a few years.

The art market was valued at $65.1 billion in 2021 and is projected to increase as digital art gets fully incorporated into the market. 

If you wish to invest in art pieces, aim to stick with physical art as many external factors affect the value of digital art.

In 2022, two artworks by a leading contemporary artist— Andy Warhol, made it into the list of the ten most expensive artworks sold in 2022. His portrait of Marylin Monroe claimed the top spot, selling for about $195 million and becoming the most expensive artwork created in the 20th century.

4. Rental housing

Rental housing is one of the best long-term investments for Americans. While rental housing isn’t the best option on the list, it has the potential to make you a good profit. 

There are many benefits of rental housing aside from the obvious ones real-estate investments offer. The first part is that you are investing in a venture that will give you a recurring and long-term source of income. 

Also, the recent trends in real estate have seen Millennials preferring to rent houses than own them. We also see more of this with the Gen-Z population. They are not willing to buy houses but prefer to rent homes. 

The issue with rental homes is the time and attention it needs for property maintenance. Rental buildings require constant renovations. Yet, in the long term, investing in the idea will generate lasting profits.

However, before investing, you need to know whether you are to buy the property or build yours from scratch. It’s essential to research and find what works since the cost of each option differs from the region and will affect the expected ROI. 

Lastly, build or buy a property that will cater to the needs of a particular type of tenant, as this makes it easier for you to know what to expect. For instance, millennials prefer to rent houses in urban areas even if they are more expensive.

5. Buy cryptocurrencies 

Buying cryptocurrencies is an intriguing and highly speculative form of investment that could yield long-term profits. However, short-term holding or trading of cryptocurrencies is a different ball game. 

In 2022, a massive crypto crash caused many traders and investors to lose a large portion of their funds

However, 2023 is an expectant year for the crypto community as there is a predicted comeback for crypto assets. Since crypto assets are in a slump—they cost less than they did two or three years ago and smart investors are buying them now for a good ROI when the market picks up. 

Experts advise that you make crypto investments with your spare funds, as the crypto market is highly unpredictable. 

6. Invest in natural resources 

Investing in natural resources is another option, for 2023. Petroleum-based products are a good place to start your investing. Other excellent options include gold, precious stones, and agricultural produce.

However, the tricky part is how to carry out these investments, as these commodities are not usually in the same region. Plus, they aren’t easily accessible. 

There are five primary ways you can invest in commodities, these include:

  • Commodity Pools
  • Futures Contracts
  • Mutual Funds
  • Stocks and
  • ETFs

There are a lot of technicalities that affect these different methods of investment. 

Commodity pools are collective funds used to buy a commodity future, option, or contract. 

It’s a great option for starters who have a good knowledge of derivatives. It also requires less capital as multiple investors pool resources together.

Investment tips for beginners 


Let’s see a few tips for new investors 

  • Set investment goals 

Your investment goals include your reason for investing. Most investors aim to grow their income and expand their wealth. Clearly state what you expect from your investment. Are you looking to make a short-term investment and start earning immediately or do you plan to earn in the long run? Providing answers to these questions will help you make the right investment. 

  • Invest early 

Finance experts will always advise their clients to invest early. Several big investors started their journey at a young age. Investments yield with time, imagine you started investing five or ten years ago. Timely investments equal better earnings. Draw out feasible plans to invest in and work towards achieving them.

  • Look at your finances 

As you plan to invest, you need to consider your funds. How much are you willing to set aside? It’s crucial to make a practicable budget. Often, it’s best to invest funds you don’t solely depend on for your upkeep or survival. 

  • Diversify your investments 

Aim to diversify your portfolio, and spread your funds in different business options. Most ventures are unpredictable and to avoid losses, you need to invest in different enterprises. This will ensure you reduce the possibility of losing your money.

Investing is the best way to build wealth 

With the right investment, you’ll make a steady income and diversify your portfolio. 

Investments like golf courses, start-up funding, art pieces, rental housing, cryptocurrencies, and natural resources could be profitable ventures for investors. 

However, carefully assess all your options and perform proper research before investing. This will ensure you’ll make the best out of your investments.