The Top Business Account Features You Can Use at Genome

Sooner or later, your business begins to need the use of serious professional tools to achieve its goals. This is what Genome Account offers you, where you will find the best tools for corporate money transactions. Open a business account to learn from your own experience how it all works.

What can your online account in Genome do?

The possibilities of your business account are almost limitless for those financial needs that may arise on your way. Let’s take a look inside and see all the features that your online account offers today:

  1. Transfer money as you need and conveniently. You can make SEPA and SWIFT cash payments as freely as you accept them from your partners. 
  1. Start a merchant account to do business with any country in Europe, no matter France or Spain, and also to have financial relations outside the EU. Moreover, payments can be scheduled and made regularly and automatically. You can also accept payments in over 20 currencies.
  1. The most necessary services are also in the business account. Among them, you will find the possibility of batch transfers, invoices in PDF/CSV format, payments on behalf of the company, etc.
  1. Teamwork is something that a Genome Account doesn’t limit you to. When you create a business account to work with the company’s finances, you can not do everything yourself. Engage employees by giving them access to the company’s business account. This will facilitate the work of managers, the accounting department, and even the head of the organization. You can assign roles to your employees and manage access levels using the My Team option.
  1. Open a business account and issue a corporate card to make official payments, to pay for promotional events or business trips. The card can be virtual and be issued and attached to a business account instantly, or you can get a black matte card in physical form.
  1. Using a merchant account, receive all payments, reports, as well as statistics, and customer analysis.

In this case, a business account is the most secure way to store money and certain confidential or personal information. A high level of security for business accounts can be achieved through various data encryption systems, as well as SCA for customer authentication, password storage, one-time access, etc.

In addition to the direct purpose of your business account, you have the opportunity to receive additional benefits from it. The Genome system provides a profitable referral program. If someone uses your referral link, registers an online account, and starts using EUR IBAN, bonuses will be sent to your account.

To learn more about the potential of Genome and the prospects of using it specifically for your industry, you can read the Blog Genome. There is already a lot of valuable and useful information.

All the Genome business account benefits

Why register a business account with Genome? You can open a bank account in any bank that is closest to you. For example, if you work and live in France, it seems that it is the French bank that can provide the full range of services you need.

However, in practice, not everything is so simple, especially if you work not only with the euro but also with other currencies, such as the USD. In this case, you need to have more paperwork and spend more time on it.

Everything is simplified and accelerated when you choose to create an online account. Your business account is not about bureaucratic requirements and endless packages of documents, but it is a convenient platform that does not burden but facilitates all business, not just financial. In addition, the business account in the Genome service is:

  1. Fast and convenient money transfers by IBAN number. You can attach up to 15 accounts to your online wallet to make each transfer of money even more convenient.
  2. All payments are easy to track. Transparent payment details and an effective real-time notification system inform you about the status of each transaction.
  3. Payment messages are encrypted. This eliminates potential errors and improves the security of operations.

Don’t waste time. Use Genome by accessing it from any web browser or mobile app. Work without borders and earn more!