How To Secure Your Money While Pursuing Italian Investor Visa

An investor visa is perhaps the easiest immigration route, but it is also the most expensive. You may have to shell out millions to obtain it and start a life abroad. The route is primarily for the elite immigrants who can spend big to buy residency. But things are not the same with the Italian investor visa. You can start with relatively small funding and get several other benefits. According to experts at Bersani Law Firm, you get the opportunity to secure your money while pursuing the route. Everything boils down to knowledge and awareness, so brushing up on your facts gives you a good start. Let us share some money-savvy tips to follow while pursuing an Italian investor visa.

Be selective about the investment alternative

The best thing about the Italian investor visa is that you can get in with a smaller budget. It offers multiple funding alternatives to aspiring immigrants, with a minimum value of €250,000. Of course, there are more options but you need not spend millions when you can buy residency with thousands. Experts recommend digging deep into the ins and outs of each alternative and selecting the relevant one.

Get your bank statements ready

The Italian investor visa route is inherently secure as you do not have to bring the money until the process is complete. But you have to deposit it in a bank and get valid statements to show your investment capacity. Bank statements are perhaps the mainstay of the entire process because you require them to obtain a certificate of no impediment (nulla osta). You can apply for the investor visa only after this step.

Ensure income adequacy for family immigration

Another good thing about the Italian investor visa is that it is ideal for family immigration. You can secure your funds because you do not require extra money as an investment for your loved ones. But ensure income adequacy because you will have to prove the capacity to support your family during your stay in Italy. Your income statements are enough evidence.

Have your funds at hand on landing

Remember to have your funds at hand on landing because you have to deposit them within three months of getting your residence permit. You obtain it right after landing in the country. Failing the deadline means you may have to return home, which can be a massive waste of time, money, and effort. Having the investment ready on time can keep your money safe during the process.

Keep the investment in place for a decade

The Italian investor visa is your ticket to citizenship by naturalization. You only have to keep the investment in place for a decade to get a second passport for yourself and your family. It is the timeframe for citizenship by naturalization, so you must be ready to commit for the long term. But it is worthwhile because you get one of the most powerful passports and loads of benefits in return.

Being money-savvy can make immigration a breeze, and a little is enough with the Italian investor visa. Follow these simple pieces of money advice to ensure the security of your funds from start to end.