How to Invest In Your Online Presence 

Online presence of the brand is one of the most important things in business today – the Internet has become almost the only platform that can provide you with a constant influx of customers. Especially social media; and especially Instagram. In this article, we have collected several working strategies for those who want to increase the visibility of their business on this platform, since today IG is the best place to increase brand loyalty and expand the audience. The opportunities to sell and advertise here are almost limitless, the only thing that is required is some investment at the beginning; that is exactly what we will be talking about.

To begin with, we would like to clarify one important point: yes, there are opportunities to develop your page for free, but they do not suit those profiles that are aimed at big and fast results – and if we are talking about business pages, then they usually have exactly such goals. Quickly enter the market, bypass competitors and confidently occupy your niche by gaining a sufficient number of subscribers. For them, the opportunity to participate in activity chats, comment on the pages of other bloggers and try to attract the attention of their audience does not work – more precisely, it works, but quite a bit.

Therefore, the first step is to realize that you will have to invest in your Instagram page anyways. How to do it? Let’s figure it out!

1. Constantly communicate and collaborate with bloggers. Yes, some of them may be your competitors, but as they say: keep enemies closer than friends. Try to determine for yourself the circle of content creators with whom you will regularly conduct mutually beneficial promotions, that is, promoting each other in your posts and stories. This way you will be able to significantly expand your audience and find the circle of people who are interested in a variety of products and services from your niche.

Influence marketing in 2022 as a whole is the main promotion tool: and it can be both free and paid for you. If the blogger you have chosen has a little more subscribers than you, then you can arrange for free cooperation or work on a barter basis. If significantly more, be prepared to invest in native advertising. At least, it is going to definitely bring an interested audience to your page.

2. Start off with a chance to buy Instagram followers. You should not waste your time trying to frantically gain the first subscribers on Instagram – this can be solved by dint of their purchase. Yes, that’s right: the only thing you need to worry about is to make sure that you acquire real subs, that is, you work with a good company. 

A good promo company cooperates with real people who subscribe to their clients for a reward. Scammers use bots and fakes to inflate the number of subscribers of their customers, but in the end leave them with nothing. Real subs will help you greatly improve the situation on the page and raise statistics, which is important for launching a natural promotion on Instagram. So try to make sure that you are seeking help from the right specialists.

3. Use cross-posting. Moreover, this will apply not only to your other pages on social networks, but also to your website – any resource on which you already have good traffic will do. Motivate your existing audience to go and look at what you are doing with your new resource, and promise them a small reward for this: this will increase loyalty and help you present your new page on IG as something special. 

4. Never stop targeted advertising. This is one of the main keys to success. If you are on Instagram in order to advertise and sell, targeted advertising from Insta should be always helping you do this. You can make its cost a little lower (and coverage a little less, eventually) from time to time, but never give up on it entirely. This helps you stay in the field of view of those people who have not yet subscribed to you, but are thinking of doing so. Thanks to targeted advertising, content creators have repeatedly managed to “put some pressure” on those people who doubted becoming their subscribers. You can also play with targeted advertising settings to gradually expand the circle of people who will be able to see your posts and stories as recommended.

Summing up

Online presence is a very important thing that will help you organize and maintain a communication channel with your existing customers and those people who are just thinking about becoming them. Remember that free promotion methods will not work here, since business pages have too big goals. Do not hesitate to use third-party paid services, but always check their quality and use several options at once – so you can achieve the desired results faster and not waste money.