How Students Can Make Money Online in 2022

A student, an entrepreneur, or even an ordinary teenager can earn a decent amount of money without an initial investment. You can learn any skill for free at any time. The main thing is to start with the area that appeals to you and then develop in it. We have prepared for you a small selection of options for earning money on the Internet for students.


Creating a blog can serve as a good start, because thanks to this, you can get a huge number of useful skills. For example communication with people and training in writing posts, which can later be useful in other spheres of activity and earnings. Having a certain knowledge in some areas it is possible to share them in your blog. People will like it, they will read it and draw information from it. In the future, expanding your audience will be easy to sell them something and earn money.

Targeted advertising

This is a method of online advertising, which is shown only to a selected audience, which allows for more efficient use of the company’s advertising budget. There will always be demand for this type of earning, because businesses will always need advertising, and the best source is social media. You can set up targeting not only other people but also yourself, which is especially useful for a blog.

Author-publisher of completed papers

An author of student papers is a person with sufficient knowledge in one or more fields (for example, higher mathematics), who performs tasks to order and receives income for it. Here the main bet is to build up an asset, which brings a constant passive income.

You can post the work that you did during your studies. For example, you can put ready to graduate thesis, typical calculations, term projects, laboratory work, essays, reports, presentations, cheat sheets, answers to questions, or any other academic papers set the price, and selling them will be a special platform or write my essay service.

If you’re a university student looking for a way to make money as a student, this option is just for you!

Keeping your YouTube channel running

YouTube pays for advertising, which is shown in the video. However, you can also earn from affiliate programs of stores, banks, and various commercial projects. Paid subscriptions and Donates are also included. The main thing is that you can start with a minimum of knowledge and without investment.

Site Design

To make a good web project design, you need to be able to make a stylish one, and for this, you need to take special courses. If you master the skills of web project design, it will bring a good income.


Every business needs sales and promotional texts, the text for the home page, for posts. And not everyone has the time and ability to formulate a text clearly. This is what copywriting is for.


There is an option to become an assistant to an entrepreneur or a blogger. This is also a good start for beginners. People free up their working time and are willing to pay for it. However, you need to know that you will have to do everything and help in everything, busy people really appreciate this approach.


Programming is the process of creating software. Everyone needs programmers. Some people make money from this type of activity with absolutely no education, working for foreign companies. There are a huge number of types of programming, where everyone can find an activity to his liking.


It is enough to find areas with your strengths and then determine how to make money from them. For example, if you know a foreign language, you can successfully teach it or make attractive haircuts, create your course and teach others your skill.

Online translations

Providing translation services is a workable option if you know a foreign language. For connoisseurs of foreign languages, it is not so difficult to find ways to make money on the Internet. In particular, if a person is proficient in several languages, then they will be able to find enough orders for online translations.

You can offer your services with the help of special services The client will choose a profitable option for him based on the price.

Online surveys

There was a time when one of the popular options for work at home was to fill out various questionnaires that were provided in paper form. This way of earning is not old-fashioned today. But now it is possible to do it online on special sites, uniting different analysts, specialists in sociology, and non-specialists in this field.

Thus, it is possible to become a participant in a social survey and receive money for this with the help of special services. By answering all the questions, the respondent will receive a reward.