Blog Update March 2021

This is Financial Expert‘s blog update series, where I bring you up to speed on everything that’s changing at Whether we’ve produced new articles, begun a new journey or have a project in the pipeline, you’ll hear about it here first.

In this month’s round-up:

  • We’ve rebranded the site, introducing a new masthead and a focus on transparency
  • US Venture Capitalist Brad Feld shares his views on investing and writing for beginners in a new author interview
  • Our book pages begin to get obscure
  • We publish our first in-depth broker review, for eToro
  • We expand into deep value funds and venture capital funds

A rebranding

You’ve probably already noticed that our branding has changed. The most stark of these is the logo for the site itself.

Financial Expert old logo
Old logo
Financial Expert new logo
New logo

The new design is a little cleaner and offers more a unique identity in a crowed investing blog arena!

We have also made the decision to remove the tagline to reduce the ‘real estate’ occupied by the masthead itself. “Invest in yourself” still wonderfully represents what this site is about – spending time, rather than money, in developing your knowledge of the financial markets. However we needed to balance this against the need to maximise available screen to fit in all of our great content.

Interview with Brad Feld

Brad Feld Interview

I’m delighted to link to our interview with Brad Feld. Brad, based in Colorado, US is a venture capitalist and avid writer about start-ups.

Brad was kind enough to share us his thoughts on his book ‘Venture Capital Deals’, which we recently awarded the title of #2 best venture capital book.

Value in obscurity

We’ve added a few more finance book pages to our line-up, bringing the total to approx. 70 book pages to choose from. This month, I’m going to bring your attention to some of our more obscure book categories which you may not have been aware existed on the site:

  1. The best quantamental investing books

“What is quantamental investing?” I hear you ask. Well, only these books can give you the answer!

2. The best mergers & acquisitions (M&A) books

M&A often gets a bad press. In reality, an M&A deal is much more than backroom deal or decisions to cut jobs. The merger or two large organisations is a feat. of business engineering which requires a room full of specialists to pull off successfully.

3. The best angel investing books

Investors aren’t always angels, but when they are; they’re called business angels. If you’ve ever been curious about investing into small start-ups then angel investing books might be right up your street.

4. The best fraud books

These aren’t books which teach you everything you’ll need to commit fraud. No, these are for fraud-busters and those with a morbid fascination for financial crime.

5. The best financial modelling books

Behind every brilliant business decision, is a brilliant excel sheet with a calculation of how it’ll pan out.

6. The best options trading books

Options trading isn’t as well-known about in the UK as it is in the US, however inside the walls of trading houses and investment banks, it’s a massive market.

7. The best investing books for students

Students might be famously short of pennies, but our early 20s is also the perfect time in our lives to learn the principles about investing and saving which will set us in the right direction for the following decades.

8. The best management books

Unusual in the sense that you might not except to find these shortlist on a finance website, our management book shortlist is designed to help those users who were brought here by adjacent topics like financial management, financial risk management and finance books for non-financial managers.

9. The best art investment books

Where there’s beauty, there’s value. Where there’s value, there are speculators. Art investment books help to provide the financial lens through which investors and collectors see the art world.

10. The best consulting books

Consulting is a profession with no shortage of attractive features. Access to the C-suites of the largest companies, being able to add value through knowledge, intuition and solutions, and the pleasure of working with exceptionally bright people. To help those already in the profession, or those trying to get into the profession, I’ve shortlisted the best consulting books I could source.

Our first deep-dive broker review

In March 2021 we’ve published the first in-depth review of a broker. Please visit our eToro review to understand why we’ve picked eToro as the best broker for 2021.

Etoro review

eToro isn’t a well-known brand name in the UK. Particularly with investors aged above the ‘young investor’ demographic.

That’s primarily because eToro hasn’t been a player for 60-80 years like many of the traditional wealth management companies, and some other UK stockbrokers.

This review hopes to change that, by shining a light on this successful business.

The best fund shortlists – Deep value and Venture Capital

We’ve published two shortlists of funds this month which aim to provide quality information about investment vehicles that UK investors may struggle to get good information about online.

Both of these wealth management products will appears sporadically in response to a Google, but how do you get a sense of the whole market as an investor? If you’re interested in browsing the menu before picking your main source, then enjoy our guides, which hope to illuminate you.