Blockchain Technology and the Launch of Duty Exchange

Risk warning: the following article is not an endorsement. Financial Expert has not performed due diligence on Duty.Exchange as an investment product. Cryptocurrencies are high-risk investments and you should only invest in cryptocurrencies if you can afford to lose your investment.

With the appearance and development of blockchain technology, numerous decentralized applications have emerged and unlocked a number of new financial instruments, which are meant to diversify the conventional ones outside the cryptocurrency space. One of the launches on the Romanian market is, a decentralized exchange that provides everyone with a suite of tools that offer the opportunity to benefit from the tools in this space: exchanging assets in a safe environment with the lowest fees, staking, yield farming, stakers liquidity pool and not only.

Since the end of 2021, the Duty team has been working intensively on developing the Duty Exchange which is currently a Multichain all-in-one cryptocurrency ecosystem and which will initially launch its own currency on the Binance blockchain in the decentralized part of its ecosystem. DUTY Exchange is designed as a high-performance multi-service platform that meets the needs of web3.0 users.

The project entered the Private sell phase on 10.10.2022 carried out for 45 days, and shortly it will announce its public outing. Then any ICO investor, fan of crypto trading, web developer or digital creator will be able to register on the platform.

Duty currencies can be held, deposited and traded on the Duty Exchange, NFT marketplace. The development of contributes to the creation of an economic ecosystem that provides a liquidity pool for stakers, yield farming, Duty Dex, NFT market, as well as game features that will yield both the Duty community and future investors.

The duty token $DUTY works on the basis of the Binance blockchain, which is friendly and is based on well-known security features. The platform uses a secure wallet and a double-checking technique to keep tokens as well as wallet holders safe. Duty Crypto Exchange intends to create a Token on the BSC network by offering rewards in the form of additional tokens.

The development team is working on launching an NFT marketplace soon. Duty Exchange NFT features make the marketplace stand out from each other by its great security and reduced fees.

Duty Exchange will create a decentralized marketplace where NFT holders can buy and sell their NTFs and where digital art creators can launch their collections. Duty NFT has an attractive financial system that will revolutionize the NFT market not only in Romania, but also internationally and will make it safer.

Duty.Exchange Tokenomics assumes a balanced distribution between the most important chains: BSC Network 70.8%, ETH Network 19.7%, Elrond 1.6%, Polygon 1.6% and others, for Duty tokens $DUTY and other free tokens of great interest currently available on the network.
About The Duty Vision

Duty Exchange aims to create a simple and easy-to-use environment in which the interaction with the world of cryptocurrencies becomes rather a normality, thus opening the way to a multitude of new investment opportunities, of course ensuring a series of necessary standards in terms of total control of finances and assets, total data security but also their anonymity.

General Disclaimer: Duty Exchange does not provide financial investment advice. Investing in the cryptocurrency market involves a certain risk, and decisions to sell or buy are made following their own due diligence.