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In the unforgiving world of investing, knowledge is rewarded. When starting out as an investor, the depth and breath of topics can be overwhelming.  Our solution is to handpick a series of topics and courses from Financial Expert, to create learning routes which are tailored to your knowledge level. 

Whether you want to simply understand investing jargon, get a grounding in the theory of the markets, or learn advanced techniques to boost returns, we have developed packages for you.

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A broad introduction to saving and investing

Understanding your risk tolerance and time horizon

Building a portfolio from scratch

Understanding why investors choose to invest in the stockmarket

Avoid investment scams

How to choose a stockbroker account

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Targeting returns of 7% per year

How to crunch fees to squeeze the most value from your assets.

Boost your  returns through tax efficiency

Participate in Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)

Peer to Peer lending

Exploring emerging markets

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Targeting returns of 10% per year

Latest academic research in the field of portfolio theory

Arbitrage opportunities

Using financial gearing to accelerate returns

Including commodities within your portfolio

The complex world of derivatives

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If in doubt, start at the beginning. We recommend that you have checked that you fully understand all concepts in the Beginner and Intermediate learning packages before moving onto the advanced content.

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