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Financial Expert focuses on the following 5 areas of personal finance:

Borrowing, Saving, Cost Cutting, Investing & Earning.

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1. Borrowing.

Our Borrowing category will feature articles on how to obtain great mortgages, secured loans and personal loans. It will also feature tips for finding great credit cards and overdrafts.

2. Saving

If risk if your enemy then saving is your game. Pick up advice on the best ways to save your income, and where you can put your money to let it work for you!

3. Cost Cutting

We don’t even need to be in times of austerity for cost cutting to be important. £50 saved will always be £50 saved! Pick up great tips on how to obtain discounts, cashback on purchases and other practical advice.

4. Investing

For high returns on your money, investments are the best way to go. We will educate you on how to manage your own investment portfolio to minimise risk and maximise returns. We’ll discuss how you can pick stocks and funds to invest in, and where you should seek investment advice.

5. Earning.

Finally we’ll be discussing ways you can generate extra income. From advice from entrepreneurs, to articles on money-making opportunities in your community. Learning about earning is always rewarding!

Get started now by clicking on one of the appropriate categories and lets start improving your personal finances!


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