Simple ways to cut business costs

Confidence appears to be on the rise among enterprises in the UK. Indeed, a poll conducted by the Federation of Small Businesses in December last year revealed that more than three-fifths of small companies (62%) expected to grow in 2015. That said, conditions remain challenging. Like a lot of firms, yours may be facing significant financial pressures. To help ensure that your business is able to balance its books, take a look at the following cost-cutting tips.

Capitalise on the cloud

Cloud computing solutions are in the ascendancy in the business world. These remote, scalable systems are associated with a host of benefits, not least of which is their ability to save companies cold, hard cash. You can find out more about these solutions by visiting the websites of specialist providers like

As well as removing the need for potentially significant upfront capital investments in IT infrastructure, these pay-as-you-go arrangements can help you to reduce your overheads. Because the cloud enables people to access IT systems and documents on a range of devices from virtually any location, as long as a web connection is available, they make flexible working much easier. In turn, this can help you to cut your overheads. After all, by enabling your personnel to function from home or other locations, you may be able to downsize your office. Let’s face it, commercial premises come at a premium these days, so occupying less square footage could mean major savings for your enterprise.

Dig around for the best deals

Another way to boost your company’s coffers is to make sure that whenever you’re looking for products or services for your business, you shop around. Even if you’re busy, it pays off to set aside some time to compare your options.

Reassess existing deals with suppliers too. There may be room for negotiation. Even if any resultant price drops seem relatively small, the savings could mount up over the long term.

Trim your business bills

It’s not only the deals you get on your business resources that matter, but also the way in which you use these products and services. By bringing efficiencies to your business, you stand to trim your bills. For example, it’s worth considering installing new energy efficient appliances across your premises. Focus on employee actions too. As part of this, make sure your workers understand the importance of using resources like paper, water and electricity with care.

You might also benefit from taking a different approach to business transport. One simple way to reduce your spending is to video conference colleagues and customers rather than physically travel to meet them.

By following straightforward yet effective advice like this, you may be able to give your firm’s bottom line a much needed boost.

Simon OatesSimple ways to cut business costs

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