Selling Your House? Here’s What To Look For In The Perfect Buyer

At some point in your life, you’ll take the big financial plunge and buy a home. Then, there comes a time when you have to sell it. For serial investors, selling a home will become second nature. You soon find that finding the right buyer can be a big help during the process. Bearing that in mind, here are some things to look for in the perfect buyer:

No Chain

If you aren’t familiar with the property market, then you might not know what a chain is. It’s a term people use to describe whether or not a buyer has any extra baggage. For example, a lot of people search for a new house when they still have theirs to sell. Essentially, they’re dragging around a chain, as they need that house to sell before they can afford the new one. As a seller, having a chain can pose a problem. It means you have to wait for them to get the money from their sale. But, someone with no chain doesn’t pose this problem. They have the money in their pocket and can give it to you whenever you want. This can speed up your sale, and make life so much easier for everyone involved. I suggest you always accept offers from buyers without a chain if you receive multiple offers of the same value.

Full Cooperation

Naturally, you want plenty of cooperation from any potential buyer. Why? Because you want to get this sale done as soon as the price is agreed on. When someone lodges in an offer that you’re happy with, you want that money in your account ASAP. So, you need to find a buyer that helps move the process along and doesn’t keep stalling. You’ll want to find somewhere like Lennons Solicitors that can draw up contracts for you in a flash. Then, you want a buyer that signs the contracts and gets them exchanged without any fuss or worry. If you find someone like this, then selling your home becomes a very fast and convenient process.


It may sound silly, but, in a perfect world, you want a buyer that has experience. Again, you might be wondering why this makes a difference? Well, a buyer with experience will know how everything goes. They’ll know how to negotiate and how to haggle with you. It’s much less likely that they’ll make mistakes that can slow the process down. Sure, everyone is a first-time buyer at some point in their life. But, I’d much prefer to open negotiations with a buyer that’s been there and done it all before. There’s less chance of everything falling through and you being pushed back all the way to square one. Also, you can link experience to my point about cooperation. It stands to reason an experienced buyer will be more willing to cooperate as they know how things should be done.

If you find someone that ticks all of these boxes, then you should proceed with the sale. It’s likely the whole process will be over before you know it. There will be minimum stress, and both parties can walk away happy. Now, you have a large sum of money that can go towards future investments.

Simon OatesSelling Your House? Here’s What To Look For In The Perfect Buyer

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