List of Platinum ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)

The masses are clamouring for access to Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) offering focused access to precious metals. In response to this demand, a number of ETF providers have bounced back with brand new offerings that fall under the category of platinum ETFs. While much of the media attention remains fixed on the price of gold, silver and oil, precious metals such as platinum have been also seen healthy returns over the past few years. Historical performance is never an accurate guide to future performance, but this hasn’t stopped a large inflow of funds into platinum exchange traded funds during the aftermath of the financial crisis of 2007-2008.

Platinum is used in the production of electronics, glass and cancer drugs, as well as jewellery. Platinum is scarcer than both silver and gold, and is also heavier. To get a sense of its scarcity, imagine that all the platinum mined to date would only fill a comfortable living room of 25 cubic feet. It is not surprising that platinum is viewed as a very rare and valuable commodity.

Due to platinum’s relative unpopularity compared to gold, the number of funds which specialise solely in platinum are relatively few in number. You can however invest in precious metal ETFs that invest in a basket of commodities which can include platinum. Long term investors have little reason to single out platinum as a specific investment, so these funds offer cheap and easy diversification against a variety of metals which have differing industrial and retail uses.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of platinum ETFs, along with their ticker symbol to aid your further research. Some of these may attempt to track the platinum spot price, whereas other may track an index. We do not necessarily recommend these investments, please read our disclaimer.

List of Platinum ETFs

ETFS Physical Platinum Shares – (Ticker PPLT)

ETFS Physical Platinum ETF – (Ticker PHPT-LSE)

ETFS Platinum ETC ETF – (Ticker PLTM-LSE)

iPath DJ-UBS Platinum TR Sub-I – (Ticker PGM)

UBS E-TRACS Long Platinum TR E – (Ticker PTM)

E-Tracs UBS Short Platinum ETN – (Ticker PTD) – This ETF aims to track inversely the underlying index/price.

To find out more about ‘How to Invest in Commodities‘ read our online expert guide. ETFs are certainly not the only way to invest in platinum, so find out more!


Simon OatesList of Platinum ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds)