Financial Firepower™

Financial Firepower™ is an (as yet) unreleased online web course produced and delivered exclusively by, which offers you the educational keys to overhaul and transform your personal finances. Financial Firepower™ will be completely free to receive.

The Financial Firepower™ course is received via email over a period of 10 weeks, covering a broad range of personal finance issues. Each weeks’ email will contain editorial, links to relevant articles, as well as videos from 3rd party providers. At the footer of each email, there will also be an ‘extra credit’ section featuring plenty of extra material to help you master a particular financial area.

Topics in the Financial Firepower™ Course will include:

Debt – Obtaining the cheapest form of finance, How to consolidate debt without making the most common mistake, How to become debt free.

Budgeting – Why most household budgeting completely misses the point, Budgeting on minimum wage, Budgeting for the wealthy.

Investing – How to invest in shares & property and more, An introduction to exotic investments, how to take advantage of a slow economic recovery.

Saving – How to find the best bank accounts, How to force yourself to save, Saving on a shoestring, Tax efficient saving: beyond ISAs.

Cost Cutting – How your perspective towards products will determine whether you will reach a £million, 49 different ways to lower your outgoings.

Career – How to get a pay rise.

Generating Income Online – An introduction to an online business as a hobby, Scam Alert: How to be able to pick out legitimate web opportunities from a sea of frauds, Why anyone can blog and earn a supplementary income.

Attitude – Which mindset ensures you accumulate wealth 99% of the time? How the rich approach personal finance, What is a rentier and why you will love being one.

Coming Soon

The Financial Firepower™ course will be released by the end of 2014. To keep notified of when it will become available, check back often or like our Facebook page.

To your future successes,

Simon Oates

Simon OatesFinancial Firepower™